Kindergarten Morning Binder Sample

I’ve been exceedingly shocked by the enthusiasm and reactions from the very-popular Preschool Morning Binder. And of course, as my own little kiddos get older, I knew we would need a slightly more advanced version of this great tool. Beyond that, since Level 2 of The Gentle + Classical Preschool is for ages 4-6 years and is a full Kindergarten program, I knew that most of us would want a morning activity binder perfect for our kiddos who are 5-7 years old.

Looking for an easy way to keep your preschooler or kindergarten student busy while practicing basic skills each day to keep them fresh? This 25 page sample of the Kindergarten Morning Binder from Life Abundantly will help! It includes calendar pages, color blends, shape practice, a daily emotional inventory, weather observation, counting, and more!

So what is a Morning Binder? As I explained in my original Preschool Morning Binder Post, my idea was inspired by Yoga Pants and Pears. I absolutely loved her idea but wanted the images to align with my other products so I got to work. These Morning Binders are created to help review and introduce skills like:

  • Letter recognition

  • Handwriting practice

  • Number recognition

  • Counting practice

  • Shapes

  • Colors

  • Calendar skills

  • Name writing/spelling practice

  • And many more fundamental pre-k and kinder skills.

How is the Kindergarten Morning Binder different than the Preschool Morning Binder? Everything was stepped up just a notch in this new binder. The name spaces are smaller, allowing for first and last name practice. The letter focus is on phonics versus letter recognition. For shapes, we focus on three-dimensional and look for them in real world objects. In colors, we practice blending to find secondary colors. The Kindergarten binder also includes pages in both print and cursive.

When do you use a Morning Binder? This is probably the most common question I receive! We personally keep our morning binders prepped and ready to go at anytime. I like to use them intentionally in the morning after morning basket, however I take them on doctor office visits and road trips as well. If i’m going to be working with an older child, I also use them to keep my littles busy. Basically, use it in a way that works for you!

How do you utilize these? While I’ve seen them laminated, our personal preference is to use these sleeves from Amazon. I have 5 for each of my littles. We also keep the calendar/emotions/name pages inserted and those are used every day. The other pages, I swap out on a weekly basis, based upon what we are working on with phonics. I keep our full Preschool and Kindergarten Morning Binder pages in a basket near our school area. When I'm adding our weekly Memory Statement Cards to our memory work board on Sunday evenings, I change out any morning binder pages for the week.

I’ve seen that some moms laminate the pages and have them bound then use dry erase crayons. I’ve been told these wipe really clean as well!

Regardless of when or how you utilize these, they are a great addition to your day with your preschooler or kindergarten student. The skills covered range over a large span so that you can be sure to receive years worth of use.

Would you like a sample?

You can find a form to grab a sample of the Preschool Morning Binder HERE. You can CLICK HERE to receive a FREE 25 page Kindergarten Morning Binder SAMPLE, alongside access to my Resource Library with 45+ free printables.