Why was The Gentle + Classical Preschool created?

I actually wrote an entire blog post about my motivation here

Is this a stand-alone program or can it be used (or should it be used) with any additional programs?

This program is completely sufficient (and then some) for a typical 2-3 year old child. For a child who is 4-5, you might consider an additional program like All About Reading for a systematic introduction in phonics and a math program like Math-U-See or RightStart Math for early math skills. If you love to have days filled with very intentional play, The Gentle + Classical Preschool works beautifully with A Year of Playing Skillfully, The Peaceful Preschool, Five-in-a-Row, My Father's World, and much more. It's perfect to stand alone but absolutely can be used alongside these programs as well since it's focus is entirely different. It's your preschool, Mama, so you can do as little or as much as you want! 

Will this prepare my child to attend a public or private Kindergarten or Pre-K Program?

Probably! Though I would never venture to make any promises! The material covered is more than sufficient for almost any child who will be attending K4 or Kindergarten. That said, to be prepared, you might contact the school your child will be attending if you don't intend to homeschool through those years.

Is this program REALLY FREE? 

YES, it is! Prayer and direct obedience to God led me to choose to share the PDF version of this program at zero cost to you. It is my heart's desire to 1) obey God and 2) bless Mamas who are looking to pour their time and heart into their little one's education. 

What all do I NEED in order to use it? 

All you truly NEED is the curriculum, which you can download in PDF version for free below. However, in order to make sure that implementing it is as seemless as possible, I've created other resources available in my shop. You'll find 3 "categories" of items:

Memory Statement + Planning Cards- These are not required but are EXTREMELY helpful in keeping the memory statements right in front of Mom (and the entire family) so that the program doesn't become an "out of sight, out of mind" kind of thing. You can print them at home and laminate them if you like. They can be displayed in a number of ways. Check out this video here

ABC + 123 Flaschards- These are not specific to The Gentle + Classical Preschool AS any mom using any curriculum can use them. They're simply beautiful, vintage flashcards crafted for the Mama who prefers realistic, gorgeous images of nature-inspired goodness for her little one as she teaches her child their ABCs and 123s. Keep an eye out for a printed version coming soon! 

Everything Else- I have a small collection of other related HELPFUL, beautiful resources to utilize as you work through The Gentle + Classical Preschool. I've created Montessori 3-Part Science Cards, a Rainbow Writing workbook to help with letter recognition, as well as an Easter Unit Study that's completely stand alone and an Independence Day Unit Study! Again, while all of these are beautiful, helpful, and prayerfully created, you CAN use TGCP without further resources. 

I don't understand all of these Bundles! Help!

I have a few bundles and while the heart behind them is to help you save money and purchase with convenience, I also get that it's overwhelming. Let me break them down for you: 

Memory Statement + Planning Bundle: If you want ALL subjects of the memory statement + planning cards (as described further up in the FAQ), then this is the best deal for you. Here's the video again for how to use these. 

Flashcard Bundle: If you JUST want the flashcards (ABC upper/lowercase, ABC solid line, ABC tracing line, 123 solid line, 123 tracing line) and nothing else, this is the best deal for you! These can be used WITH or WITHOUT using TGCP (The Gentle + Classical Preschool).

The Gentle + Classical Preschool Bundle: If you want to use ALL DIGITAL content and not receive a PRINT version of The Gentle + Classical preschool, this is the right bundle. It does not include the Easter Unit but does include flashcards, memory statement cards, and other digital resources for TGCP. You can view the description for full details and images. 

Co-op Bundle: Are you wanting to use TGCP with the nursery students in a co-op setting? Awesome! You'll need to purchase this bundle for the group to have copyright permission to use in this type of setting. Each parent will need to download their OWN copy of TGCP and purchase any digital products for their OWN use at home, outside of the co-op meetings. 

What will come in the future for The Gentle + Classical Preschool?

Currently (Lord willing!) an expanded Science study is being created to utilize with Level 1. It's due to be released this summer and will take the science memory statement and expand it GREATLY. Level 2 for ages 4-6 is planned to be available Spring 2019. Additional related products for both levels to be released throughout 2018-2019.

Is this curriculum from a specific worldview? 

Yes! This curriculum is unabashedly Christian. I come from a non-denominational background and thusly the program does as well. The catechism employed comes from (or is adapted from) the Westminster Shorter Catechism. I chose to include catechism as it is a beautiful tool to help our children become equipped to have an answer for their faith (1 Peter 3:15). To learn more about my faith, visit my About Me page. 

How do I know when my child is ready to use it? 

As Mama's, a whole lot of life is a guess game.... more than we would like to admit! My best advice here is that as soon as your child has the ability to repeat short statements after you, then he is ready for this program. If you'd like more information about how I utilize this in our day OR the benefit of memoization to young children, please ready the blog post about WHY I created it and the introductory material in the FREE PDF download of the program itself. 

Does this curriculum follow Common Core Standards?

It does not nor will it (is the short answer). As a dedicated homeschool family, as long as the Lord leads us and allows it, we will homeschool our children. For us, that means we have little concern over governmental regulations and standards. We educate our children with faithfulness and diligence and hold them to a higher standard in most areas than any government program would venture to require. We also have learning differences in our home so we teach to ability and interest as well. 

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