Do you offer anything in PRINT that I can order and have shipped to me? +

As of right now, I’m only able to offer the curriculum books (that you can get in PDF format for free) as a printed product via Amazon. Occasionally, I also stock some in my shop as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time, space, or resources to offer the various bundles, flashcards, activities, worksheets, and workbooks in print format. When you order a book from Amazon, it is the curriculum book ONLY and does not include posters, worksheets, etc. Currently, I have partnered with Family Nest Printing to offer you a savings of 20% off of your print order. They are a sweet, hardworking homeschooling family. Use code Erin20 at

I don't understand all of these Bundles! Help! +

I have a few bundles and while the heart behind them is to help you save money and purchase with convenience, I also get that it's overwhelming. Let me break them down for you:

The Gentle + Classical Nature Term 1 Bundle: If you are implementing the Gentle + Classical Nature (Term 1: Inland Waterways and Forests) program and want the printable worksheets, posters, activities, copywork, poetry, and Memory Statement Cards, you’ll want THIS bundle.

Note about Level 1 and 2 Preschool Bundles: These bundles are COMPLETELY different bundles. The Level 2 Bundle only includes the same Preschool Morning Binder as Level 1. Everything else is completely different as the programs are very different.

The Gentle + Classical Preschool Level 2 Bundle: If you are implementing The Gentle + Classical Level 2, then you want to use this bundle. Please read the product description thoroughly. It includes the Kindergarten AND Preschool Morning Binders, Memory Statement Cards, Flashcards, Storyboard Set and Art + Music Pack.

The Gentle + Classical Preschool Level 1 Bundle: If you are implementing The Gentle + Classical Preschool Level 1, this is the right bundle. It does not include holiday unit studies but does include flashcards, memory statement cards, and other digital resources for TGCP. You can view the description for full details and images.

Co-op Bundle: Are you wanting to use any of the Gentle + Classical Press programs with students in a co-op setting? Awesome! You'll need to purchase the related bundle for the group to have copyright permission to use in this type of setting. Each parent will need to download their OWN copy of the program and purchase any digital products for their OWN use at home, outside of the co-op meetings. A co-op or a classroom would fall under these licensing requirements if 5 or more students that are not from the same nuclear family meet and utilize the materials. You can find the Nature Co-Op Bundle HERE and the Gentle + Classical Preschool Level 1 Bundle HERE and Level 2 forthcoming.

I need a visual! How can I bring all these pieces together? +

I'm glad you asked! Even though my videos aren't professionally made, I have created a page of them that addresses organization of printable materials, a walk through level 2 and a 2-part series on planning, organizing, scheduling all levels! I hope it will be helpful, and I intend to make more!

You can find additional videos on my YouTube as well.

I still don't quite get the program, and I'm feeling overwhelmed. I need more help getting started. Where can I find support? +

Every mama comes to homeschool and G+C Press with different experiences and expectations. The first thing I want to say is that I do TRULY and wholeheartedly want you to find peace, joy, and support in utilizing the Gentle + Classical program of your choice. However, as a homeschooling mama to 4, I also can't specifically help each person on a one-to-one basis- but I also don't want you feeling left out in the cold! I've recently created a Facebook group full of amazing mamas who are walking this road ahead of you. If you're facing challenges, I almost guarantee that someone else there felt the same way and is willing to help you. Head over HERE and join the group. In it, you'll find encouragement and support.

Here are a few other tips:

  • Don't forget to PRAY for God's help in understanding a philosophy that's new to you and can seem really foreign. God is the author of all knowledge!
  • Read through the guide portion of the program at least twice and mull it over. Remember, this program BECOMES "open and go" once you're set up and have your mind wrapped around it. But the Charlotte Mason and Classical philosophies are SO DIFFERENT from how most of us were educated. There's 100% a transition to that way of thinking and doing things. It doesn't have to all happen overnight!
  • Utilize the videos linked above. Watch them twice. Pull out your materials and use the planning and organization videos to walk you through the process. I know that sounds like a ton of work, but I promise- any mama that invests in developing an understanding of the CM and Classical philosophies NEVER regrets that time spent. It pays off exponentially over time.
  • Definitely join that Facebook group! Many mamas are in your spot and you can probably be just as much of an encouragement and help to them as they are to you!

I can't get my products to open/print/print properly. +

  1. Please make sure you are downloading and printing from a DESKTOP OR LAPTOP, not a phone or tablet. Many of these files are very large and graphically complex.
  2. Delete the first file and download it again in the event it was corrupted as it downloaded or unzipped.
  3. Please make sure you have downloaded the document to your computer and have it OPEN in Adobe Reader. (You can download Adobe Reader FREE here) Printing from the BROWSER or directly from Dropbox often gives a poor outcome. Make sure your Adobe is UP TO DATE (Once you've opened adobe, click HELP> Check for Updates to make sure you have the most recent version, even if you just installed it.)
  4. Make sure the printer settings are correct: select the appropriate option for landscape/portrait and tell it to "fit to page."
  5. Make sure that if the item is in a ZIP folder that you have unzipped and extracted the PDF files before opening. (If you are unsure how to unzip a folder, you'll need to consult a friend or YouTube.)
  6. If these trouble-shooting steps do not solve the problem. Please let me know. Contact me.

I need help figuring out printing costs or deciding where/how to print! +

Purchasing digital download products can be overwhelming if you don't have an affordable printing option. Please make sure to note the page counts listed after each individual item in EACH BUNDLE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. Second, keep in mind that if a bundle includes 3 different flashcard sets, you won't print them all! Some bundles have 800+ total pages, but you would likely print 1/3 of those. I have created a chart HERE for printing with several companies. I cannot tell you how much your order will be, which one to choose, or offer insight into turnaround time. Contact your printer, please :) Please read my refund policy before purchasing if you have reservations.

What is a "Meaningful Menu" and how does it come into play in Preschool Level 2? +

Meaningful menus are an AMAZING resource, created by my friend Ashley at She has created a menu specifically aligned to Level 2 of Preschool. The Menu is a tool for Mom to use during morning basket. It is not a replacement for the Level 2 Bundle as the bundle includes the important visual cues, mornings binders, flashcards, etc that is needful for early learners. But it's an AMAZING tool that makes your morning time go so smoothly and sweetly. To see me discuss it's role in Morning Time, head to the Helpful Videos page to watch a 2-part series on planning a Gentle + Classical Day.

Why was Gentle + Classical Preschool/Press created? +

I actually wrote an entire blog post about my motivation here.

What is the difference between The Gentle + Classical Preschool (TGCP) and Gentle + Classical Nature (GCN)? +

The Gentle + Classical Preschool is a PRESCHOOL program, with Level 1 created for ages 2-4 and Level 2 for ages 4-6 (late Summer 2019). It encompasses all subjects like math, science, language arts, Bible, and more.

Gentle + Classical Nature is a complete and thorough SCIENCE and Nature Study program. It was created for ages 4-2nd grade with an Expansion Pack available so that it can server learners through middle school. GCN adds in elements of poetry, art, and more, but it’s main focus is as a science program.

Is The Gentle + Classical Preschool a stand-alone program or can it be used (or should it be used) with any additional programs? +

G+C Preschool Level 1 is completely sufficient (and then some) for a typical 2-4 year old child. For a child who is 4-5, you might consider an additional program like All About Reading for a systematic introduction in phonics and a math program like Math-U-See or RightStart Math for early math skills. If you love to have days filled with very intentional play, The Gentle + Classical Preschool works beautifully with A Year of Playing Skillfully, The Peaceful Preschool, Five-in-a-Row, My Father's World, and much more. It's perfect to stand alone but absolutely can be used alongside these programs as well since it's focus is entirely different. It's your preschool, Mama, so you can do as little or as much as you want!

You can find out what The Gentle + Classical Preschool Level 2 will include HERE.

Is Gentle + Classical Nature a stand-alone program or can it be used (or should it be used) with any additional programs? +

G+C Nature is a thorough and complete science and nature study program, perfectly fitted for ages 4 up to 2nd grade. The 3 levels of included memory statements and 2 levels of literature suggestions makes it an excellent fit for preschool through approximately age 8. The Upper Grammar Expansion Pack adds additional literature, copywork, projects, discussion, and more for children through 6th grade so that your whole family, middle school and below, can utilize this program together!

This program has been created to complement Gentle + Classical Preschool Level 2, but both are completely stand alone programs. Taken as a whole, they create a complete Pre-K through 2nd Grade education (just add your own phonics and math programs based upon your child’s readiness).

When will Terms 2 and 3 of Nature be released +

Gentle + Classical Nature: Terms 2 and 3 are planned to be released in 2020. Since I’m a homeschool mama and wife before curriculum author, I’ve learned to not give release dates until I’ve completed the vast majority of work so that I can keep my priorities straight. I do frequently update on social media and share sneak peaks of anything I’m working on, make sure to subscribe and follow on Instagram for updates!

Do I need to wait until all 3 terms of Gentle + Classical Nature are ready to be able to use it? +

No. I fully believe that the first 12 units of Gentle + Classical Nature: Term 1 are SO robust and thorough that each unit can easily fill 2 weeks of science and nature study coursework in your home. I’ve included sample schedules that outline a 3-day, 5-day, and 2-week schedule of use inside the program. While Gentle + Classical Nature and Gentle + Classical Preschool Level 2 COMPLIMENT each other, they need not be started at exactly the same time or “aligned.” They complement one another but are wholly independent.

What will be included in the 3 terms of Gentle + Classical Nature? +

You can find out ALL details about Gentle + Classical Nature HERE.

How do I know when my child is ready to use them? +

As Mamas, a whole lot of life is a guessing game.... more than we would like to admit! My best advice here is that as soon as your child has the ability to repeat short statements after you and follow guided instruction, then he is ready for these programs. In the programs themselves, I give specific instructions and advice on choosing the right level for your child and guiding them through the PROCESS of attaining the skills set forth. This process will be different for EACH child and the program is designed to accommodate that.

Will The Gentle + Classical Preschool Level 1 or 2 prepare my child to attend a public or private Kindergarten or Pre-K Program? +

Probably! Though I would never venture to make any promises! The material covered is more than sufficient for almost any child who will be attending K4 or Kindergarten. That said, to be prepared, you might contact the school your child will be attending if you don't intend to homeschool through those years.

Is The Gentle + Classical Preschool Level 2 sufficient as a Kindergarten program for my 5 or 6 year old? +

A resounding YES! If you follow the 36 units as outlined and include a phonics and math program as indicated in the program, there is no question that your child would have an amazing, rich, broad feast for their Kindergarten school year!

What is a "moral imagination" and "poetic knowlege"? +

I'm glad you asked! You can read a detailed blog post HERE about the moral imagination and its role in our children's development. In that post, I linked a few of my very favorite podcasts and books for deeper understanding.

Is this program REALLY FREE? +

YES, it is! Prayer and direct obedience to God led me to choose to share the PDF version of this program at zero cost to you. It is my heart's desire to 1) obey God and 2) bless Mamas who are looking to pour their time and heart into their little one's education.

If this program is FREE, why do you charge for the Bundles? +

While my husband is the breadwinner in our home, God also provides for our needs via this blog and the programs created here. I feel very confident charging for the Bundles because they aren't "required" in order to use the free programs. The paid products on this site are HELPFUL and definitely make life easier, but they are not a requirement in order to utilize any Gentle + Classical curriculum product.

What all do I NEED in order to use the Gentle + Classical Preschool Levels 1 and 2? +

All you truly NEED is the hear to homeschool, the preschool curriulum GUIDE (free download), and access to excellent living books! However, because I know what it's like to homeschool in a day of overwhelming options, internet craziness, and in a full, busy family, I have created several tools (at each level) to make your life easier. If you visit my SHOP, at the top you will see the products grouped by PROGRAM. Simply click the program name you're interested in (Level 1 or Level 2), and browse the available options to see what works for your family. Both programs offer an extremely affordable BUNDLE of digital produts to save you money. However, rather than purchasing the Bundle, you can choose specific individual products. The product descriptions and images give you an excellent overview.

What all do I NEED in order to use Gentle + Classical Nature? +

As mentioned above in relation to TGCP, you only NEED the curriculum, which you can access for free. I would also highly suggest access to a library, in person or online. Beyond that I have created book lists, tools, and suggested products that make your days easier. The most cost effective way to implement GCN with as little stress to you as possible is by purchasing the Gentle + Classical Nature Term 1 Bundle. In it you will find Memory Statement Cards, Poetry Cards, a slew or gorgeous printables, worksheets, and activities—- all of which align with the topics and activities included in the program. However, you can also browse the shop HERE and purchase items from the bundle individually. Keep in mind that the bundle saves you over 50%!

I have a child who is older than the 2nd grade. Do you have any programs developed for him/her? +

I do! Thus far, I’ve been able to create an Upper Grammar Expansion Pack for Gentle + Classical Nature. If you have a child in 3rd-6th grade, simply get the FREE Gentle + Classical Nature program PLUS this expansion pack. You DO need both! The Expansion Pack is explained in full detail here. Please read the sample images to see books that would be required to implement the program at an Upper Grammar level.

Is this curriculum from a specific worldview? +

Yes! These programs are unabashedly Christian. I come from a non-denominational background and thusly the program does as well. The catechism employed comes from (or is adapted from) the Westminster Shorter Catechism. I chose to include catechism as it is a beautiful tool to help our children become equipped to have an answer for their faith (1 Peter 3:15). To learn more about my faith, visit my About Me page.

Does this curriculum follow Common Core Standards? +

It does not nor will it (is the short answer). As a dedicated homeschool family, as long as the Lord leads us and allows it, we will homeschool our children. For us, that means we have little concern over governmental regulations and standards. We educate our children with faithfulness and diligence and hold them to a higher standard in most areas than any government program would venture to require. We also have learning differences in our home so we teach to ability and interest as well.

I regret my purchase, missed out on a sale, or forgot to use my coupon- do you give refunds? +

I have written a complete refund policy that you may read here.

If you made a purchase after 5/4/2019 and are missing your download link, click here to enter your email and have it sent again.

If you made a purhcase prior to 5/4/2019, you'll need to contact me to have the link refreshed. These links expire within 24 hours so please download and backup asap.

I'm not sure which Level of Preschool I should use with my child/children. Can you help me? +

I would be happy to! I just have 2 requests!

First, please scroll down on this page and read my advice for placing your 4 year old- understanding that ultimately that's all the advice I can issue as I don't know your child like you do.

Second, please download the FREE Guides for both Level 1 and Level 2. Or if your question concerns Nature, you can download that one as well. Those guides are the sum total of all the wisdom I have to offer for planning, scheduling, combining levels, ordering your day, etc. The Preschool Level 2 guide is especially helpful in this regard.

If you have read all of that and still feel really conflicted, please contact me!