HUGE FREE Gentle + Classical Nature Bundle Sampler!

Term 1 of Gentle + Classical Nature finally arrived just a few short weeks ago. It has been a labor of love, and one I’m very excited to complete over the course of this year. Term 1 of Gentle + Classical Nature explores all of the organisms and life cycles that take place in our freshwater, inland waterways as well as temperate forests. I won’t go into a huge amount of detail because you can read ALL about it HERE and even download the FULL program 100% for FREE!

If you are plannin g a bee, bird, dragonfly, or frog unit study, you won't want to miss this sampler of 50 pages of FREE printable activities, worksheets, flashcards and more!

What has been even more surprising for me has been the excellent reception to the BUNDLE of printables that I offer to go along with Gentle + Classical Nature. GCN was written to be complete and very user-friendly while remaining robust. But I wanted to go one step further and make it as absolutely easy to use as humanly possible, without “diluting” the content of the program. So I put down my “writing brain” and picked up my “digital design mind” ;)

I wanted it to include lists, resources, worksheets, activities, games, coloring pages, posters, and manipulatives that would make learning ALL about our inland waterways and forests as natural, easy to implement, FUN, and educational as possible! The coolest thing is how wonderfully received this bundle has been!

I’m a celebratory kind of chick. I LOVE to encourage mamas and give goodies away (can you tell!?!) I wanted to make sure everyone could enjoy this Bundle to an extent, no matter, what your budget. I can’t help you with the printing aspect, but I did take the 300 PAGES from the bundle and hand-select 50 pages of beautiful, helpful, fun printables.

It includes:

  • dragonflies

  • frogs

  • butterflies

  • bees

  • birds

  • copywork

  • posters

  • nature journaling

  • life cycle activities

  • 3-part Montessori Cards

  • French & Spanish flashcards

But I’ll stop talking about it now, and send send it to you. If you ARE ALREADY A SUBSCRIBER, head to the Member Resource Library (password at the bottom of every email) and download it from the bottom of the FIRST page of the Resource Library).

If you are NOT a subscriber (or just can’t find your password!), CLICK HERE and I’ll email it over to you in a ZIP file (it’s big!).