Easter Preschool Unit Study, Flashcards, AND Banner Bundle!

Every day I fail. Every day I say the wrong thing, behave selfishly, act pridefully, think only of myself, drop a few four letter words, and get sinfully angry. Some days I do all of those things, and other days, I manage to squeak by with just a few, but regardless- I am a hefty sinner. As Paul says in Romans 7:15: I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.

Man. He gets me. 

It is the overwhelming awareness of my own desperate need for a savior that digs the importance of celebrating Easter deep into my soul. As Mamas, it's our job to begin at the earliest age possible, digging the truth about Christ and our desperate need for him down deep into their souls. 

In our home, we do this through modeling openness about our sin, repentance when we've done wrong, leaning into scripture to correct unsound thinking, and laying our hopes at the foot of the Cross. With our youngest children, we believe that it's important to begin sowing seeds of God's Word and truth of Christ's divinity into their hearts and minds as early as possible. We already do this through memory prompts found in The Gentle Classical Preschool (<---- check that out if you have a toddler- it's a FREE curriculum). 

However, for the two weeks preceding Easter, I wanted to step into being even more intetional with teaching my little men who Jesus is and what he did for them. So in comes a unit study and some helpful printables! 

I have a great bundle for you! 

First up, I created an entire set of downloadable Easter-themed flashcards. These are so precious! You can use them to decorate your home, work them into other Easter-themed school activities, play games with them... the options are bountiful. 

Next, I personally wanted a banner for my mantle as I begin decorating for Easter- so I made one. In this download, I give you 2 different color options as well as a few different graphics to add to customize your banner. This download includes both rose and blue font options for "EASTER" and "He is Risen!". I also included a set of crosses and 2 different bunny options. You have a variety of combinations possible in this! 

Lastly, I created a full 10 day Christ-Centered, Literature-Based Preschool Unit Study (for ages 2-5) that has all of the following: 

  • 10 Days of Pre-Planned Activities
  • Beautiful Printables for several activities
  • Easter Story Storyboard (printable)
  • Memory work statements for Scripture and Catechism
  • Poetry Selections
  • Gross + Fine Motor Skills
  • Nature Study Inspiration
  • Instructions and a Master Supply List for all projects (sometimes found in links)
  • Hand-selected books perfect 2-5 years olds
  • Suggestions for Random Acts of Kindness (in the name of Jesus!)
  • Christ-focused Easter Basket ideas
  • A Few Audio + Music Suggestions

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Here are the quick links to the recommended books via Amazon!

Here are a few alternates that are FAVORITES!

I pray you have a blessed, sacred, and reflective Easter, friends. He is risen!