FREE Counting Bird Activity Set

Oh, I love a freebie! Can you tell? I only created an ENTIRE library of them. And I also love graphic design and birds and anything old- so this set is kind speaking my love language! 

I was sitting down and browsing Pinterest, looking for some printable activities to use alongside Units 3 and 4 in The Gentle + Classical Preschool. I like to focus a lot of my energy on the science sentences and bring other aspects into that. For example- we frequently use the science statements as a jumping off point in choosing literature and hands-on activities. If I can also bring our math lesson into that same topic, I'm doubly excited! 

This left me looking for a cute printable featuring math skills and birds. And there are A LOT available. But they are all very cartoon-ish... which I don't love a bunch. I prefer to choose books and graphics that are both beautiful to behold (for both my kids and myself) but also images that depict nature accurately. The images I've used for my flashcards and this bird FREEBIE fit the bill perfectly. Extremely realistic artwork is mind-boggling to me (all my art happens in words!), so I like to boggle my little ones' minds too. 

I've included some instructions in this packet for you about a variety of ways you can use this activity set for YEARS. This is absolutely not just for toddlers and preschoolers! You can use these kit to teach:

  • one-to-one correspondence

  • basic counting skills

  • number identification

  • addition

  • subtraction

  • multiplication

  • division

PLUS it includes a SUPER sweet poster of gorgeous egg varieties that's just beautiful to print and drool over!

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