It is better that children should receive a few vital ideas that their souls may grow than a great deal of indefinite teaching.
— Charlotte Mason (Volume 1, Page 346)
  • Do you want to “do school” with your preschooler but Pinterest has you feeling overwhelmed?

  • Do you want a program that’s natural, intuitive, and gentle?

  • Are you looking for a curriculum that integrates easily into your already busy day with minimal prep?

  • How about a program that lays a strong foundation in Christ?

  • Do you want your little students to have memory work like your big students? But stuff they can understand and pronounce?

  • Do you work but still want to have some educational time in your day with your little one?

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We all desire to give our children the best education possible. At every turn, we are challenged with new ideas of what that should look like and how that should feel. I believe the answer lies inside of each of us as we all yearn for simplicity, for space, for these precious days to slow down. If you've been looking for a preschool curriculum for long, you've likely found a great many. Many are very similar to what your child might do in a traditional preschool environment with scissors, paper, and worksheets in hand. I propose a better way. 

  • An abundance of open-ended play

  • Taking advantage of robust, sponge-like memories

  • A natural inclusion of intentional education throughout the day

  • A childhood drenched in the scents and sensations of nature

  • Living books that transport your little one into magical worlds

  • Hands-on experiences

  • Special bonding time with your little one as you explore the world together

You CAN homeschool your preschooler with peace, with confidence, and without overwhelm. The Gentle + Classical Preschool was designed to be extremely simple, yet rich with details, encouragement, and freedom

Here are what others have to say about their experience with The Gentle + Classical Preschool: 

Compared to other curriculum we looked at, this was laid out very simply without too much added confusing work (i.e. worksheets/projects).
— Aracely
If you are looking for a classical, Charlotte Mason-inspired curriculum for your preschooler, this is a wonderful program! The notes from the author are priceless in navigating the program. The best part is that it is customizable for individual families. If you are like me and like to keep things simple, the memory work alone is fantastic for putting those pegs into their brains. But if you like to do crafts and activities that go along with each lesson, there are great suggestions in the weekly planning sheets. I can’t say enough about how perfect this program is.
— Hayley
After sampling several different preschool curricula, this is by far my favorite! So simple, yet so full of amazing material! It’s such a great way to teach so many things to our Preschooler.
— Amanda
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What does The Gentle + Classical Preschool include?

You will receive 26 units of memory work, along with detailed teacher's notes and tips, organizational tools, and encouragement about education in the early years. The memory work includes:

  • Scripture (short verses for little memories!)

  • Catechism + Character (definitions of character traits to memorize with simple tunes + Q&A about God)

  • Social Studies (exploring our family, our community, and American history- all those things closest to our homes)

  • Science (including amphibians, insects, birds, and animal communities for the first 13 Units then plant-life in the second 13 Units)

  • Math (identifying shapes and colors, counting to 30, skip-counting, subitizing, directionality, and more)

  • Language Arts (both nursery rhymes and a letter per unit)

  • Health + Safety + Life Skills (manners, hygiene, safety preparedness)

  • Fine + Gross Motor Skills


  • Instruction in the early practice of narration

  • Advice on early literacy and appropriate expectations

  • Unit Planning Sheets

  • Weekly Planning Sheets

  • Guided help in developing the perfect daily rhythm for your family (and accompanying worksheets)

  • A well-curated list of 107 hand-chosen books

  • A variety of other helpful printable resources from The Practical Joy Resource Library

Click the images below to see samples.

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Common Questions:

Is this a stand-alone program or can it be used (or should it be used) with any additional programs?

This program is completely sufficient (and then some) for a typical 2-3 year old child. For a child who is 4-5, you might consider an additional program like All About Reading for a systematic introduction in phonics and a math program like Math-U-See or RightStart Math for early math skills. If you love to have days filled with very intentional play, The Gentle + Classical Preschool works beautifully with A Year of Playing Skillfully, The Peaceful Preschool, Five-in-a-Row, My Father's World, and much more. It's perfect to stand alone but absolutely can be used alongside these programs as well since it's focus is entirely different. It's your preschool, Mama, so you can do as little or as much as you want! 

Will this prepare my child to attend a public or private Kindergarten or Pre-K Program?

Probably! Though I would never venture to make any promises! The material covered is more than sufficient for almost any child who will be attending K4 or Kindergarten. That said, to be prepared, you might contact the school your child will be attending if you don't intend to homeschool through those years.

What will come in the future for The Gentle + Classical Preschool?

Currently (Lord willing!) an expanded Science study is being created to utilize with Level 1. It's due to be released October 2018 and will take the science memory statement and expand it GREATLY. Level 2 for ages 4-6 is planned to be available Spring 2019. Additional related products for both levels to be released throughout 2018-2019.

Is this curriculum from a specific worldview? 

Yes! This curriculum is unabashedly Christian. I come from a non-denominational background and thusly the program does as well. The catechism employed comes from (or is adapted from) the Westminster Shorter Catechism. I chose to include catechism as it is a beautiful tool to help our children become equipped to have an answer for their faith (1 Peter 3:15). To learn more about my faith, visit my About Me page. 

How do I know when my child is ready to use it? 

As Mamas, a whole lot of life is a guessing game.... more than we would like to admit! My best advice here is that as soon as your child has the ability to repeat short statements after you, then he is ready for this program. If you'd like more information about how I utilize this in our day OR the benefit of memorization to young children, please ready the blog post about WHY I created it.

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