Topics to consider this week: repentance, trust/faith, forgiveness, love/relationships/marriage, grief, trust, righteousness, a clean heart

Day 1- Devotion


I am cheating a little bit. I went ahead and wrote a blog post about the content God laid on my heart today. I had a really, really hard time getting all of my thoughts organized and articulated (which is very unlike me). But, I think it’s because it was really important to say. It’s still not a long read, but it is hefty in content. Click HERE to read: “I love Jesus, but I cuss a little…”

Day 3- Video

Video -Is your heart in it?

Is your heart in it, friend? It being everything- work, children, marriage, home, faith. It’s time for a heartcheck! Grab your bible, paper, and pen and walk through some big questions to uncover some areas that are stealing your joy!

Day 5: Devotion


All Days- Additional Reading (Blog)

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All Days- Top Related Books

Top Recommended Books this Week

One of my favorite lists of books (Book for the Joyful Mama) that I’ve previously curated can be found right here. These are some of my favorite books that truly, truly help me understand the heart of my Heavenly Father AND have helped me deal with serious heart issues of my own.