Beautiful Feet Books Geography Through Literature Review

As my blog has grown, I’ve had the opportunity to do a few reviews. I’ve learned that it’s important to me that I really LOVE anything that I review. I don’t want to hand out a negative review, but I’m also going to be 100% honest. I’m thankful my caution has paid off, and I’ve received a product for my honest review that I can say I HONESTLY love.

If you're looking for a review of Geography Through Literature from Beautiful Feet Books for Middle and High School, this is super helpful!

Beautiful Feet Books is known for it’s simple, easy-to-implement, open-and-go curriculum guides combined with exceptional literature. When the books are this perfect, you don’t have to add much to it, especially in the grammar stage.

I chose to use Beautiful Feet Books Geography Through Literature program with both my 6th and 9th grader girls. My oldest daughter already has much geography included in her Tapestry of Grace core curriculum, but I thought it would be wonderful to have an additional “fun” thing to do with her as well. So, aside from our “Lunch Basket” (what we call morning basket), this is the only thing we do all together.

When you receive Beautiful Feet Books Geography Through Literature packet, you’ll receive the curriculum guide PLUS 4 books by Holling C. Holling as well as gorgeous, HUGE maps to color. These books are living books by the most strict standards. They are GORGEOUS and filled with fantastic information, in the most engaging format possible. They are absolute TREASURES! Even if you don’t utilize the program specifically, I can’t recommend the Holling C. Holling books enough. Furthermore, Beautiful Feet Books has a PHENOMENAL price on them that beats Amazon. (See for yourself with Seabird: vs )

With very full schedules, we find time to work on this beautiful program once a week, but it’s honestly our favorite time together. The girls color these AMAZING, HUGE maps (that ARE included in the package) while I read aloud to them. We can tackle one lesson in 30 minutes. We then expound upon whatever we read about by utilizing YouTube or Google.

The fact of the matter is that when the content is as interesting as these books are, you naturally want to go digging for more information. This living literature inspires wonder in your mind, so you become hungry for more knowledge. We usually end up curling up around my phone, going down YouTube rabbit holes about all kinds of amazing things we never heard of before.

As much as I’m enjoying this with my girls, I can’t WAIT to use this program with my boys. We have a few years ahead of us, so I will have to be patient, but this program seems even more perfect for boys ages 6-10- though my 12 and 14 year old girls have almost enjoyed it as much as their 37 year old mom ;0)

This is one of those programs that has it all. You open the book, pull out the maps and go. You can spend as much or as little time as you’d like. The content and the curriculum prompts present a feast for the taking for hungry little minds. I encourage you to look into ALL the Holling C. Holling books. I personally won’t ever try to teach my kids geography outside of literature-based again. A story brings EVERYTHING to life!

We are also using and LOVING The History of Science from Beautiful Feet Books this year.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Have you used Beautiful Feet Books before? Feel free to drop any questions in the comments!