Elementary + Middle School Science Resource Pack

Sometimes you just need a few visuals to help your students get the full picture. This year, we are using a living books science curriculum from Beautiful Feet (read a review here) for my 6th grader, while my older daughter is utilizing Sabbath Mood for her 9th grade Biology 1. Both programs are beautiful, thorough and engaging. But around here, we love a great display for visual reference as well as notebooking pages.

Need some super cute notebooking pages? Are you studying phases of the moon, fungi, ecology, or flower parts? This FREE printable science packet has it all!

Notebooking pages are so simple. Honestly, it’s kind of silly. Why do those engage better? I have no clue. But they DO. When my girls have a topic-specific notebook page, they just get more “into” it. Maybe it feels more official than plain old notebook paper?

Regardless, they are more detailed and neat when they have notebooking pages. I found a few via NotebookingPages.com that I liked for Chemistry and Physics, but it left me wanting to DIY a few for Astronomy, Biology, Ecology, and Botany. So I did!

I’ve generally been wanting to do printables for phases of the moon, a beautiful array of mushrooms, and parts of a flower. So I said, why not? I included those all here. I also wanted an “at-a-glance” page for the scientific method as I believe that’s extremely important to understand and retain throughout their science education. So what exactly is included in this 17 page FREE Science Resource Pack?

  • Scientific Method: At-A-Glance

  • Experiment Record (written)

  • Experiment Record (visual/draw)

  • Astronomy Vocab + Written Narration Page

  • Ecology Vocab + Written Narration Page

  • Biology Vocab + Written Narration Page

  • Botany Vocab + Written Narration Page

  • Phases of the Moon Posters (2)

  • Phases of the Moon Flashcards

  • Parts of a Flower Worksheet (2)

  • Mushroom Poster*

  • Ecology Poster

Sound good to you? Me too! I’m laminating these posters and flashcards as we speak! If you would like to grab a batch for yourself, just enter your email below. I’ll email them to you ASAP!

*My Mushroom Disclaimer: These images are open-domain images. As such, they are not scientifically and accurately labeled. I identified them to the very best of my ability. Please do not ingest mushrooms based on the names on this poster, made by a homeschool mom who is NOT a scientist or fungi expert of any kind :)