In this 2-part series, I walk through several important parts of pulling all of the “pieces” together.

I include Gentle + Classical Nature in this video if you are using both but you can use your science or choice.

  • In this part 1 video I discuss: Planning ahead Organization

  • Building your basket

  • Using the planning sheet (This sheet and the itinerary below are also included in the Level 2 Bundle. This sheet is also in the appendix of the Level 2 Curriculum guide.)

  • Using the itinerary (Found at the link above or in your bundle!)

  • And using the Meaningful Menus designed to go with Level 2!

I hope this video helps to answers questions and helps to reassure you that once you get it all organized, your weeks will just soar by ❤️.

In Part 1 of this series, we walked through how to use the planner, itinerary, bundle, and Meaningful Menus to really pull your week together in under 15 minutes for your preschooler or Kindergarten student.

In this video, I wanted to show you a few things:

I hope between these two videos you see that with a little bit of summer prep, you can truly put your preschool and kindergarten on autopilot this year.

Preparing ahead truly makes all the difference and it was my goal that these programs would institute a system for you to help your entire homeschool flow more smoothly, for all of your students.

A visual always helps! I've talked about this program at length but now you get to see how all of the pieces come together in one place! This video gives you a tour of the entire program and the accompanying Bundle of printables.

Details: 📣The curriculum guide for this program can be found at

😊The curriculum guide is a FREE download and can be used alone (with just books.)

📚But I've also created this bundle of printable to help the program come to life and be easier to implement!

➡️It's for both K4 and Kindergarten! Just add your own phonics and math instruction based on readiness.

🤱You can use the whole program as written or choose pieces you love!

I often get questions about how it might work best to organize the giant mound of printable materials included the Gentle + Classical Bundles.

While this isn't the most beautiful video (see large mounds of laundry in my mirror), I hope it will inspire you to take charge of your printable materials and put them to use.

What you need:

  • 3-ring binders

  • Sheet Protector sleeves

  • Tabbed dividers

  • Time

It goes without saying that you do have to set aside a chunk of time to print, cut, possible laminate, organize and bind all these materials. But I also promise you that taking the time in advance of your school year (even if you have to burn the midnight oil a few nights) will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in how your school year functions.

When you make the time to set up an easy to maintain organizational set-up, you're more likely to stick to it and less likely to feel overwhelmed by the program and the stuffs 😂

It's a lot at once--but remember, it's an ENTIRE YEAR of content--memory statements, worksheets and activities.