FAQ About Temporary Tattoos

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How do I apply the tattoo?

  1. Remove all dirt and oils from the location with soap and water. Allow to dry COMPLETELY.

  2. Trim the desired tattoo from the larger sheet, getting as close to the words as possible without cutting them. Be careful!

  3. Remove the clear, plastic protective sheet and lay the tattoo FACE DOWN on the desired location. The tattoo is slightly sticky and will lightly adhere in this location.

  4. Using a SOAKING WET paper towel, drench the back of the tattoo paper continuously for 30 seconds, rewetting the paper towel to keep it soaked, as needed. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PEEL THE PAPER OFF YOUR SKIN.


  6. Pat the area around your tattoo dry, not touching the tattoo. Do not move or touch for 3 minutes or until fully dry (letting air dry).

  7. Try not to twist, touch, or rub that area for as long as possible (an hour if possible). The longer the tattoo goes undisturbed, the longer it will stay intact.

  8. Do not use soaps, lotions, or oils over the tattoo or you will greatly shorten the life span of the tattoo.

How do I remove my tattoo?
A little bit of oil/baby oil or tattoo will remove it very quickly. So be sure to stay away from these unless you want it removed (hand sanitizer would have the same effect, as would essential oils!)

How long should it last?

This will vary based on body chemistry, your skin’s natural oiliness, how many various substances this area of your body comes into contact with, and how much this area is being touched/rubbed/twisted. Under normal conditions, you should expect it to last around 3 days, based on location (on your wrist this is a realistic expectation). However, it can last up to a week with extreme care.

Where and by who are these manufactured?

LIfeAbundantlyBlog.com orders these tattoos from MomentaryInk.com Feel free to browse their website for application information, further questions, and to order your own designs!

NOTE: When these tattoos are ordered directly from MomentaryInk.com, they send you a liquid fixative called REAL TEAL that is supposed to help them last longer. However, they only ship ONE vial per order. Since I ordered one single, large order to receive a bulk discount, I do not have these vials to pass along. So far, we are having them last the same amount of time regardless of applying it.

Do you accept returns?

In very specific cases it is possible, but as a homeschool Mom and “one woman show”, I could only accept a return if it was a manufacturer defect, not a user error. Please be careful and follow all instructions above to insure proper usage.

What if I’m allergic to them? (from the Manufacturer’s Website)

Because our product is coming in contact with the skin, we took the safety concerns very seriously. During active development, we consulted with a chemist, a health practitioner and several printing professionals who all agreed that the ink in contact with the skin is of little worry because of the limited exposure (3-10 days) and the underlying adhesive substrate, which bonds the ink to the skin (and is widely distributed for children’s temporary tattoos), as well as the sealing solution that contacts the outside edges of the tattoo, all of which are FDA approved. That said, we recommend those with chemical sensitivities to test a small portion before applying a full tattoo.

Temporary Tattoo Ink

Unfortunately with any product that touches the skin, there is always the risk of some people having a reaction. Thankfully that percentage of our customers is extremely small. 

If a reaction does occur, it's usually a mild case of "contact dermatitis", where you're left with a light red outline of the design on your skin as the tattoo fades. It's generally itchy for a few days and fades away over time. 

We encourage you to test on a small patch of skin before applying more liberally.