"Jesus in. Joy Out." Tattoo Package {FREE SHIPPING}

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"Jesus in. Joy Out." Tattoo Package {FREE SHIPPING}


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Have you ever struggled to remember God’s Truth during the busy, chaotic, or frustrating moments in life? Do you feel like you need scripture tattooed to your body in order to actually REMEMBER it “in the moment”? You aren’t alone! So many of us feel like we unintentionally leave our Bible study on the shelf with our Bible when it’s over with. These tattoos were created to remind yourself (and the world) who you are and whose you are.

This sheet of 17 tattoos measures 9x3.5”. The following quotes/sayings are included (to be trimmed out and use separately) and are grounded in God’s Word:

  1. Be Present in his Presence

  2. New Mercies

  3. Obey

  4. Seek First.

  5. Jesus in. Joy out.

  6. Cherish

  7. Love is Kind

  8. Speak Life

  9. Forgive

  10. Love is Patient

  11. Choose Joy

  12. Salt + LIght

  13. Slow to Speak + Anger

  14. I can do All Things

  15. Gentle words turn away wrath

  16. Pray continually

  17. Seek His Face Always

These are TEMPORARY Tattoos that should last about 3 days with normal wear. Based on location and body chemistry, then can last longer. (I am personally getting 3 days before I feel like it needs to be replaced.) This package of 17 gives you more than a month of encouragement and conviction in seeking God, walking in His Strength, and speaking life to those you love most.

Instructions are included. Please read the following FAQ before use.

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  • LifeAbundantlyBlog.com and its owners are not liable for mistaken application, allergic reactions, or misuse of this product

  • Read the FAQ page for information about application and removal

  • Full sheet of tattoos is 3.5x9” but each individual tattoo is smaller and varies in size

  • Each tattoo must be trimmed individually from the sheet and then applied

  • This item ships via First Class mail. However, I work in batches on physical products twice per week. I typically ship on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Please keep this in mind when ordering. Allow up to 14 business days for delivery.