Level 1: Ages 2-4 Years


Level 2: Ages 4-6 Years


While I can’t speak exactly to what your family should do, especially in relation to your particular ages of children or whether you should place your 4 year old in Level 1 or Level 2, I do have some (hopefully) helpful guidelines below:

  • If you have never done any “formal” schooling with your child and desire to keep things very casual, walking into the homeschooling process slowly, choose Level 1.

  • If you have multiple older and younger children to attend to and your child is just turning 4, choose Level 1.

  • If your child is 4 but you have already utilized Level 1 (or completed a similar “structured” school day program), choose Level 2 However, if you’re happy in Level 1 and don’t feel urgency to move on, just repeat Level 1. We have walked through it twice.

  • If your oldest child is 4 (or your only child), and you’re just getting started with any kind of “schooling”, choose Level 1.

  • If your child already knows his ABCs, how to count to 20, a few days of the week, can identify many letters and numbers, can sit still for 10 minutes or longer to listen to a story, and can repeat 4-5 word statements back to you, he is ready for Level 2.

  • If he cannot do the majority of those things, then choose Level 1. If he quickly moves through it, and you feel like it’s not “enough” later in the year, then graduate him to Level 2 at that point.

  • If you can’t decide, begin with Level 1. It is easier for you BOTH to start there and get “bored” and move up than to start out overwhelmed and want to throw in the towel all together!