Homeschool + Preschool Helps

Printable_Cycle 2 CC Sci to AIG.jpg

This file is a cute little printable made to help you align Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Science with Answers in Genesis.


Here is the second list of Fry Sight Words.


Menu of Adventurous Ideas

Do you need to spice up your school days and add some variety? Looking for a way to keep the kids occupied this summer? Do you unschool and need a fresh bank of ideas? Here's a great resource to pick an activity from and go!

Science Resource Packet

Looking for some cute moon printables, a flower-part diagram, or notebooking pages for Ecology? You’ve found it!

Menu of Handicrafts-001.jpg

If you LOVE Charlotte Mason and want some inspiration for keeping your kids busy and inspired with new handicraft ideas, here's a menu to use!


And here is list 3 of Fry First sight words. 

Helpful Resource Sheet_Page_1.jpg

Elementary "Cheat Sheet"

If you need a resource for your student to quickly remember what standard form is, how to spell February, or what that "x" means, you'll find this invaluable!

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Thanksgiving and Fall Unit Study Sampler!

If you need to keep the nature exploring, copyworking, letter matching creativity flowingthis fall and Thanksgiving, this will help! You can find the FULL VERSION in the shop!


Here are the first 100 Fry Sight Words which are excellent to start with to increase fluency in your reader. 

Daily Spiral Review-1.jpg

Daily Review Sheets (2nd-6th Grade)

This 3 page printable is the perfect way to have your elementary student review some very key facts. It was especially designed for my dyslexic student as she struggles to retain content like place value, telling time, basic grammar and money skills without constant review. 

morning basket HSG.jpg

Morning Basket Bundle

Here is a GREAT download filled with a variety of resources and a simplified plan for getting started (or tweaking) "morning basket" in your home!

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Zoo Explorers Pack

If you’re headed to the zoo anytime soon, you’ll want this 9 page treat. Scavenger hunts for littles and report pages for bigs make it fun and educational!