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If you're looking for a solution to actually REMEMBERING to implement your little one's daily memory work, I FINALLY have it figured out!

Have you struggled to keep your preschoolers "school" on the agenda... but fall prey to "out of sight, out of mind?"

Have you looked for resources to help you implement science study, but end up scattered or overwhelmed?

Don't worry- me too! SO I created a solution for us both! 

Memory Work/Planning Cards

  • hang them in a central location so your memory work is never "out of mind"
  • allow your little one to play with them and discuss what's pictured
  • keep previous units in a box near-by for super-easy review
  • play games utilizing the science and math cards
  • NEVER forget to "do school" with your preschooler again!

What will you get? 

  • There are 8 subjects included on 7 decks of printable cards. They're available separately OR in a bundle that includes printable "headers" for each subject. Click here to see all options. 
  • Science (26 cards)
  • Social Studies (26 cards)
  • Math (26 cards)
  • Health + Safety (26 cards)
  • Motor Skills + Language Arts (combined onto 26 cards)
  • Character + Catechism (18 cards)
  • Scripture (13 cards)
  • If you want to display the letter of the week with matching graphics, don't forget the Vintage ABC Flashcards too
Planning Mantle Closeup Side ex.jpg

Matching + 3-Part Montessori Cards (Science)


This beautiful set of Vintage cards measure 3.5"x4" each. You can use them in several ways:

  • print 2 copies and play a matching game
  • sort each set out by their environment
  • print 2 copies to create 3-part Montessori cards
  • use these for matching, early reading practice, and sight word practice
  • practice reviewing life cycles of birds, butterflies, and frogs
  • these offer endless opportunities! 

What will you get in this printable download? 

  • 8 Farm Cards
  • 12 Forest Animal Cards
  • 11 Ocean Animal Cards
  • 6 Savanna Animal Cards
  • 3 Life Cycle Sets (Butterfly, Birds, Frogs)
  • Total of 48 Cards
Sorting_3 Part Examples.jpg