Give Your Family a November to Remember! {FREE Calendar + Ebooklet}

I am so so so excited that you have found Thanks-GIVING For Your Whole Family! The fall months and the holiday season have always been near and dear to my heart. I love the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings- cool crisp air, pumpkin pie scented candles, marshmallow-loaded hot cocoa, a crackling fire, and all of my loved ones close at hand.

Obviously, this means I also love Thanksgiving. I get to spend time with family, and there’s always a good football game. In celebration of Thanksgiving and anticipation of Christmas, it’s generally my goal that November would be filled with acts of service that demonstrate our gratitude and worship.

This is a great (FREE) calendar and ebook printable that will help you have an intentional, fun-filled, generous November and Thanksgiving. Read the hearts of your family members for the celebration of Christmas by filling November with generosity and love. FREE Printable Calendar and Ebook

A couple of years ago, I developed a schedule of thanksgiving celebration in which our family focuses much more on genuinely giving than just saying how thankful we are (which, there’s definitely nothing wrong with that!). I am convinced that it creates the perfect space in our hearts to enter into worship in December.

I wrote a big, long blog post (because I’m nothing if not long-winded) a few years ago about it but decided to flesh that out into an instructional ebooklet instead. In order to make the challenge easier for us to actually implement, I also created a calendar for our Family Thanks-GIVING Challenge.

BUT, I wasn’t done. I want us all equipped with thanks-giving, joy-giving, colorful fall fun as much as possible, so I have few additional gifts for you.

  1. You’ll want to use this “You’ve Been S’Mored!” kit in November at some point- trust me. You can grab that cuteness HERE.

  2. I made a whole NEW fall/Thanksgiving printable pack for preschool and elementary students. But I didn’t want to leave bigger kids out of the fall festivities, so I’ve included some copywork resources and poems to recite for older students as well. Though- I’m confident they’ll want to get it on the scavenger hunt with their younger siblings anyway. You can find that in the SHOP.

  3. I shared a book list for fall with an additional preschool packet over HERE as well.

To grab this Thanks-Giving For Your Whole Family FREEBIE, CLICK HERE to get it today!

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