Science Curriculum Alignment with Classical Conversations

Originally, I had planned not to do a formal science curriculum in addition to memorizing the information from Classical Conversations Foundations. I felt like our time would be stretched as it is, and we would just stick with CC memory work and kind of "unschool" the rest of science. However, as I started looking through the memory work I felt led to add some context to it, especially for my 9 year old. I then set out to find something that we both liked the look, feel and information AND was affordable AND aligned with the CC memory work...

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

In comes Answers in Genesis.... I compared it to Apologia (and while I think HIGHLY of Apologia, and we are using their Bible curriculum), I felt like AIG was a better fit for us and for CC.

  • Isabella and I both preferred the layout of the book and the pages.. more and larger pictures which were very colorful and engaging (both my girls are highly visual).
  • Some great experiments.
  • The content is written more factually and in a "textbook" style which I typically steer away from. However, for science, I like it. It also includes lots of extra neat facts and vocabulary.
  • Each lesson is very short which means if we only have 1 afternoon a week to devote an hour or so to science, we can make it work.
  • It is CREATION based... it goes a step forward and it based on a literal translation of the Genesis... as in the earth was created by God in literally 7 days, just 6,000 years ago (the "young earth" theory).

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If you do not currently own the Classical Conversations Foundations Guide (4th Edition), here is a link to their store. My printables do not include the memory work from CC (copyright, duh), simply the TOPIC being covered each week according to their schedule. 

You'll notice in the printable schedule that for several different weeks, I notated multiple lessons. This does not mean we would DO all those lessons in one week. We will skip around and read the parts that pertain to the CC memory work to give context to the terminology. We might also do some experiments as well.

I only have the first book that we will need for the first 6 weeks. I will then purchase Our Universe and use it for 6 weeks. Weeks 13-18 will require more research. It would require a couple of different books from the various series. I might find myself doing something different for that period unless I find a great deal on these books used. Then the last 6 weeks we will need the Heat & Energy book. The great thing is that some of these books can be used in other cycles as well for the aspects not covered in cycle 2 :-)

A great little printable to align CC Cycle 2 science with Answers in Genesis- Apologia isn't the only option.

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