A Few of My Favorite Things

AHHHH! I’m so excited about this! I recently hosted an amazing giveaway with a few companies that I adore. Even though that giveaway is over, I wanted to leave this post up to share their wonderful products!

I know that preparing for the first few years of home education with your little one can be overwhelming- teaching them to read being right at the top of the list of fears at times! I’ve talked about this before, but honestly. teaching our children to read can be one of the most stressful, daunting tasks in all of homeschool (with the exception of Trigonometry… which we will outsource ;).

Below are 4 of my FAVORITE resources for doing K4 and Kindergarten at home this year!

1- Dash into Reading leveled readers. I have fallen so much in love with these and just wrote a complete review HERE. Amelia is releasing set 2 of this program this week!

Looking for reviews for Dash Into Reading, All About Reading, and Bless This Homeschool? These programs work exceptionally well with The Gentle + Classical Press! Click here to learn more!

2- All About Reading. I’ve talked and talked about AAR and everyone knows what a fan I am. You can read two full reviews at this link above.

3- My sweet friend, Crystal, has a gorgeous Etsy shopped filled with the most amazing, handmade wooden manipulatives. Her spirit is precious and so are the materials. We have several things from her and can’t wait to get more!You can find her goodies here—> Bless This Homeschool.

4- And your K4/Kindergarten year won’t be complete without The Gentle + Classical Preschool Level 2! While the curriculum guide for Level 2 is always a FREE download, it’s helpful to have the FULL Level 2 Bundle as well.

Taken together, you’ll have a full, rich, beautiful, and exciting year of exploration for your young student- with hands-on manipulatives and the best reading resources available anywhere! With this set, you’ll have amazing reading resources coupled with a Charlotte Mason/Classical approach to your little ones first few years of school that includes poetry, art, music, living books, hymnal, nursery rhymes, narration skills, catechism, scripture, character, and math memorization via The Gentle + Classical Preschool Level 2.