Spirit-Led: Teaching Your Teen or Tween to Study God's Word with Purpose

There are a LOT of Bible study tools on the market. A. LOT. It’s honestly a little overwhelming, but with two teenage daughters, I felt like it was wise to pursue a program that could be an additional voice in teaching them to seek God’s word out daily.

There are MANY voices available that want to speak into the lives of our teen and tween children? And that can be good... but overwhelming. How about a Bible STudy Guide just for teens or tweens that teach them how to approach God's Word with full dependence on the Holy Spirit? How about a guide that teaches them practical skills that will work for them forever? FREE Bible Study guide for teens and tweens!

Aside from the general overwhelm at the quantity of programs available, I became overwhelmed by the AUTHOR’S voice, perspectives, interpretations, and beliefs as I perused guide after guide. Ultimately, I wanted simplicity for them. I wanted practicality. I wanted their time in God’s word to not be led by an author (no matter how esteemed and brilliant) but rather GOD’s Spirit.

For myself, I’d found two authors that do this wonderfully. As a HUGE FAN of Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin, I believe that our time in the Word should be intentional, systematic, and Spirit-Led… not using the Bible like a “magic 8 ball” or constantly searching for what the Bible says about MY LIFE. Rather, I believe God’s Word is first and foremost about GOD, and as I learn more about his character and holiness, I can learn more about who I am IN CHRIST.

I wanted the same for my kids as well.

I love the Bible studies by Jen as well, like God of Creation. Another favorite is Walk of Repentance by Steve Gallagher. Both of these guides lead you through reading scripture in an orderly way and basically teach you a system of Bible study and journaling that can be applied to any portion of scripture.

I wanted the same for my kids.

Since I could not easily find it (not to say it doesn’t exist), I decided to create it myself. I wanted to include a word of encouragement to parents, but predominantly speak to the teen/tween themselves. I wanted to make sure that anyone who read this guide would understand just how intimately loved they are by God. I wanted them to understand how to draw close to him, even if they’ve never had a relationship with Him or His Word before. I wanted them to see the Bible as real, relevant, and transformational.

I also wanted them to understand how to approach scripture in a systematic way that would build in their hearts and minds a pattern of seeking God’s word, to know HIM better, understand Him deeply, and seek to draw near to his holiness. I wanted to also make sure it wasn’t long, drawn-out, complicated, or felt burdensome to them in any way as our teens and tweens are just beginning to flex their spiritual muscles. The last thing I wanted to do was make it so long or complicated that they felt frustrated with it.

With all of this in mind, I developed a short guide called Spirit-Led for Teens + Tweens. This guide can be downloaded 100% FREE (details below) in digital format to print at home, for all of your students, OR you can SOON find it printed and perfect-bound on Amazon with Prime Shipping (after 9/25).

What’s included?

This guide has a short introduction for parents, and just a few pages of reading for your teen/tween to help them understand who God is, why He matters, how He loves them, and why His Word matters. Next, they will find a guide for recording the context for the book of James alongside a daily checklist for reading through the book of James.

While I chose James for this guide, you can use the journaling and context pages alongside any portion of scripture. You may also use any version of scripture that your family prefers or fits the age and reading ability of your student. The daily James reading checklist assigns only 2-4 verses each day so that it can be absorbed and studied in weighty chunks.

Lastly, there are 42 pages for guided Bible journaling and 4 prayer-journaling pages.

Each daily journaling page guides your student through the same sequence:

  • Pray- They will first be encouraged to read and ask for discernment and the help of the Holy Spirit in understanding God’s Word.

  • Print- Your student can choose one small portion of scripture from that day’s reading, to record. We remember better what we write.

  • Reveal- They will be prompted to ponder what this section of scripture says about God. They will be challenged to write how this scripture has expanded or clarified their understanding of God’s character.

  • Repent- Our students will then be prompted to confess, ask for forgiveness, and turn from any sin in their own lives that has been revealed through their reading.

  • Reflect- They will be prompted here to record several words that they felt held significance in these verses as well as synonyms for those words to help them better understand the scripture itself.

  • Rephrase- This is a process of summarizing or rephrasing the scripture to aid in remembrance and understanding.

  • Record- In this section (FOUND SEPARATELY AT THE END OF THE WORKBOOK), they have a space to list their prayers for their own lives, their family and friends, with a space to add dates if they would like to keep track of answered prayers

All in all, it was my hearts desire that Spirit-Led be a teaser for Women of the Word for my students as they go through their teen and tween years (though this guide is 100% suitable for both boys and girls).

If you would like to download this 63-page Bible Study guide for FREE, CLICK HERE.

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