Make Your Own Home Organization Wall {On a Budget!}

I llooooooveeeee organization. I will also quickly admit that I’m not the best at “maintaining” said organization, but I am a PRO at setting it up. I have learned, over the years, with a lot of failure, that simple works best. I’ve also learned that no organizational systems matters a lick if you don’t have the self-discipline to utilize the system. Being a self-proclaimed scatterbrain AND perfectionist, wrapped all into one, creates a very interesting dichotomy that I’m confident my family total loves (not at all).

As we approached this school year, I had a vision in mind for bringing the spreadsheet system I’ve used for years into a real life, adjustable, very visible, attractive wall system. (If you’re curious about how I use a spreadsheet and generally plan our days, check out this detailed post and free spreadsheet.) I am probably the most “out of sight, out of mind” person you’ve ever met. It frustrates me immensely, but I also just accommodate this insufficiency with various tools, like my phone alarm and calendar.

This year, I did not want my scattered-celiac-brain to keep us ALL scattered each day. My most important goal for this year was CONSISTENCY, especially with a high school freshman. I also wanted to make sure that we could ALL see what the day held, and have the ability to adjust each day, as needed, for special events, appointments, field trips, or meetings.

So, with all of that in mind, I developed a full-size schedule board with moveable cards that allows easy adjustability (see picture ——>). I asked around on Facebook and Instagram and quickly found out that I wasn’t alone in wanting this type of system either! So I compiled them into a convenient EDITABLE printable, with full instruction for creating this adorable schedule board in your own home (more details below).

I also wanted to share what the rest of our home organization wall holds. I have labeled the picture below with numbers, to help illustrate what I’m talking about.

I will openly admit, that I can’t necessarily send you to the store to get all of these items at the great deal. Some, I created and others I found on clearance. My overall hope is to encourage you to think about what YOU ideally need to have on an organizational wall in your home, then seek out excellent deals with all of your bargain-shopping wisdom. Hopefully you’ll be inspired!

Here is what you’re seeing above:

1- This is our Schedule Board that I was describing and included a closer image of above. In the FREE PDF download of these Printable Planning Cards, you’ll see specific measurements, materials, and closer images as well. There’s a LINK to access those at the end of this post. I would say that all the materials for this board are around $25 total, if you do it just like I did it (same size, etc), also assuming that you can print at home and have some lamination pouches as well. You can definitely use thinner poster, less velcro, skip lamination- though I don’t suggest it, and save. The materials you’ll need for this, as I created it, are as follows (with links below):

  • 32”x40” Foam Core Board from Hobby Lobby (or wherever)

  • Black Velcro Stripping

  • White Velcro Dots

  • This is the laminator I have (below)

  • These are the pouches I buy (below)

  • This is the bulk cardstock I get as well (below)

  • And in the event you’re printer shopping, I’ve had this model printer-linked below--for SEVERAL years. I buy this super inexpensive ink from Amazon as well. So I print like nobody’s business without breaking the bank. (click here for the printer)

2- This is one of the super, cute (and marginally trendy) Felt Letter Board. I found this one on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $3. No kidding. So, make sure to always scour their clearance section! Here’s a pretty good deal on Amazon as well that I LOVE because it has a chalkboard on the reverse side! We like to change this to fit memory verses for the big kids.

3- This was a precious gift from a good friend when we moved into our new “farmhouse” (really, a 60’s style ranch, but it’s on 10 acres so, farmhouse it is ;). Also, you guessed it… Hobby Lobby.

Do you need a way to make sure you keep your homeschool day organized and on track? Do you struggle with consistency in your homeschool day? Do you homeschool multiple children and need to keep everyone going at a reasonable pace? This post and FREE printable planning cards will help you keep your day on track and maintain organization in your homeschool day.

4 AND 5 AND 7- I can go ahead and say in advance that almost everything decorative on this wall: Hobby Lobby. So seriously, scour your clearance section! I did not buy #4 on clearance, but it WAS 50% off. I use this for meal planning and important events. I only slide the date thing like twice a month, but I love how it looks regardless.

6- If you are familiar with my FREE Preschool Program- The Gentle + Classical Preschool, you’ve probably seen the Memory Statement + Planning Cards around. Well this board is the main purpose behind those cards. So often, especially when we have older and younger students, our younger student’s “school” can kind of fizzle down and get forgotten about. I use these REALLY cute Memory Statement Cards to both plan in advance AND display on our wall so that EVERYONE can see what we’re studying, remember to review it, and help practice memory statements with our littles. And plus- it’s SO CUTE! I made a video on IGTV (Instagram TV) that details how I assembled this board. Here’s what you need:

If you want a close-up view and to hear me chat about assembly, head to Instagram to watch the video here.

8- Last but not least, I wanted a book rack like this for AGES. I finally found this one on Amazon. I felt like it was a fair price, and it was extremely easy to assemble. My 20 month old intentionally throws it over about twice a week, but he really tries to do it. It doesn’t tip easily.

All in all, this wall was under $100! I’d honestly say it’s priceless in terms of how it works so well to keep us on track with our day and keep our memory work and artist study (on the Memory Work Board) top-of-mind. I have been using these boards for 5 weeks now. I definitely had to cultivate the HABIT of using them, but now that I have, they make a huge difference. It’s the central hub in our home!

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