HUGE Elementary Math Copywork Workbook (and how to get it for FREE)

Who doesn't love copywork... especially math copywork, right? Well, besides your kids! While we get a fair amount of pushback from our students, the struggle is worth the outcome. In what other way can you practice slow memorization while also absorbing the fundamentals of English grammar and punctuation AND practice handwriting all at once? In my mind, math should be no different. While memorization of math terms is only one small portion in math instruction, it is an important portion nonetheless.

Looking for math copywork to supplement your math curriculum? Do you need a quick reference glossary to keep on hand for your elementary math students? This FREE 190 page workbook includes 109 math vocabulary terms in cursive copywork or print copywork for your elementary math student.

I personally usually take to the internet, mainly Pinterest, searching high and low for copywork pages that fit what we are studying each year in each subject. Truly, the hardest to come by have been copywork pages for math. AND if I did find them, it was rare to find them for the particular term I was looking for. I wanted a workbook of the vast majority of the terms my students would run across in elementary school without having to go look high and low or create my own every single time we found a new term. 

Out of that need, this copywork resource was born. In it, while not exhaustive, you will find 109 terms very common and fundamental to elementary mathematics, conveniently arranged in alphabetical order. You can print just the ones you need, as you need them, and print multiple copies in order to practice each term multiple times for mastery. I am a "large writer" as are my daughters, so you will find these lines more than generous in size. Additionally the print version is rather large and well-spaced, suitable for early elementary but not "babyish" for your older child who does copywork in print rather than cursive. You'll find the cursive version slightly smaller in size but with plenty of space to write as well.

Included in the appendix, you'll find several graphic organizers that are very simple, yet extremely handy when you're looking to expand your kiddo's understanding of something that's not quite clicking via their normal math curriculum. Lastly, I've included a "cheat sheet" of sorts and a spiral math worksheet perfect for daily review. I created both of these for my dyslexic learner but find they are an excellent resource for any student. 

I hope that this 190 page workbook resource will serve you well and bless your family! While it's located in my shop for $8.99, you also have the option of subscribing to one of my favorite websites and receiving a discount code that makes it COMPLETELY FREE. Yes. For real. I created this resource with inspiration from my sweet friend, Carrie, at If you would LIKE to head to my shop and pay full price, I won't stop you (click here). But if you prefer FREE, head over to to subscribe and receive a coupon code that will make it FREE at checkout. You really can't beat that!

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