Encouragement in Shifting From Surviving to Thriving (VLOG)

Even the best homeschool mom faces days or weeks where she questions if she should quit or not- sometimes after a year and sometimes after 5. Other times, we can also recognize that we've not taken the time to really reflect on our WHY for educating at home or cast a true vision for our homeschool. Those are both INCREDIBLY important.

In this video, I discuss why this matters, along with ending with some general "points of refreshment" that I use to encourage myself during challenging seasons. It could be called "A List of What I Have Learned." I hope you enjoy!

If you'd like to download the Surviving to Thriving Workbook, head to this post to grab that today! (FREE, of course) 

Being a homeschool mom can be really challenging! You can feel lost, frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, disorganized and in a constant battle with yourself or one of your children. But it IS possible to shift from survival mode to thriving in your days when you cast a vision for your homeschool. Come dive in for some refreshment and encouragement!

For anyone who might be interested, here is a list of "What I Have Learned and Need to Remember" that can sometimes serves as a reality check or attitude adjustment when I need it. I'd love to hear what you would add to this list! 

  • But first, always, pray.
  • If it doesn't stick after the second or third exposure, set it aside and wait for readiness.
  • God's Grace is sufficient to cover any "missed topic".
  • If in doubt, wait.
  • Curriculum is a tool: use it, stop it, pick it up again later, and stick with it if it's working.
  • Focus on the areas of importance for THIS SEASON, and let everything else go. You don't have to "cover everything". Quality over quantity. Depth not breadth.
  • Keep tons of margin in your day. A rushed, stressed mama disrupts a child's ability to learn. 
  • Have a rhythm, not a stringent schedule.
  • Leave lots of room to build memories.
  • Give everyone GRACE GRACE GRACE, including- especially- yourself.
  • Dad can teach a subject on Saturday mornings.
  • Again, if in doubt- wait. 
  • If it works for you do it. Don't compare to your friends, bloggers, or kids/teachers at school. Just don't. It destroys joy, creates anxiety and wrecks peace. 
  • Perfection has no place in life, much less homeschooling.
  • Again, anxiety and rigor and comparison all discredit the Cross and the sufficiency of God's grace for what he's called you to. 
  • He HAS called you, and he WILL equip you. 
  • There is a season for everything under the sun. A season for read-alouds and a season for audiobooks on headphones, a season for one on one with Mom and a season for online courses, a season for early morning classes and a season for napping when possible, a season for field trips and exploration and a season for staying close to home, a season for book club and playdates and a season for simplicity, a season for complicated literature and a season for just-for-fun.

It's ALL GOOD. He created it all and placed us in it, according to His timing. He knows all of the seasons  and has a lesson and plan for each one. Rest and enjoy.