FREE "Cheat Sheet" for Math + Writing {Elementary}

I have a daughter with dyslexia. For my sweet girl, one of the most confounding aspects of her learning disability is a poor working memory and the amount of effort (and incredible repetition) needed in order to move information from "temporary storage" into her permanent, long-term memory. During the elementary years, it can take a dyslexic students YEARS of practicing parts of speech, place value, multiplication tables, writing dates and months before they TRULY master it and put it into their long-term memory.

And in some instances, for some students... well, it just never happens. And that's ok. That's what accommodations (and cell phones!) are for, right? 

Do you have a student who struggles to progress because he can't remember basic information? Or a student with a poor working memory? Cheat Sheets are great resources to build confidence and help your student gain independence. Download this FREE resource sheet today perfect for elementary students with dyslexia or other learning disabilities. It includes math, writing, grammar, and other basic reminders.

I found that with my student, if we stop at a basic skill until she has set it into her long-term memory, it can mean halting forward progress for a really, really long time. This is both disincentivizing to both of us AND cheats her out of the full feast of an education that she so deeply deserves.

Therefore, for these abstract and challenging-to-remember concepts, I have allowed her to use a "cheat sheet" of sorts. Using the cheat sheet has freed me up to move forward with her, has prevented frustration for both of us, AND has actually helped her memorize these skills. Her repetitiously having to look the information up in order to check herself (versus just asking me) has actually helped her better commit it to memory. Win. Win. 

This worksheet was created a few years ago, so I did a little updating and cleaned it up to share with you. She used this for first grade until 4th grade. We managed to not use it last year since using our daily spiral review is so helpful, but I've printed it to laminate it and put it in her work station this year... just in case ;). 

This "Helpful Resource Sheet" (as I've labeled it) includes: 

  • Lists of Months, Days, and Years

  • Definitions of basic grammar terms like noun, subject, verb, etc

  • Print and Cursive alphabet, upper and lowercase

  • Example of date format

  • Writing Checklist (with examples) for proofreading work

  • Place Value Chart

  • Examples of Standard, Expanded, Word Forms, and Tally Marks

  • Math symbols, their meaning, and key words to identify function

  • Multiplication Chart

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I hope you and your student will find this reference sheet has helpful to getting through your day with peace and efficiency!