How to Effectively Discipline Your Child Using God's Word (Cheat Sheet!)

I'll confess up front, I do NOT have this all figured out. After four kids, I've been blessed with the wisdom to know I will NEVER have it "all figured out." In general, my life is like herding cats... drunk cats. On a daily basis, I lose my cool on someone, get totally irritated with dealing with the SAME SIN ISSUE again and again, and almost weekly I unabashedly question my sanity for even making all these tiny little crazies in the first place. I mean, I LOVE them... but WHY does it have to be so hard sometimes? 

Do you struggle to know how to correct your child's bad habits or negative behavior with life-giving words? Do you desire to bring God's Word into the discipline and correction of your children? If you need a quick cheat sheet filled with scripture to correct and encourage, this is the download for you. Full of transparent, helpful encouragement for the Mom who's working hard to keep Jesus as the focus in her home.

But the fact of the matter is, it's hard because of sin. It's hard because I'm a big sinner raising little sinners. We are all far from perfection, and our only hope is found in Christ alone. It's my profound duty and honor to daily seek out this sin, reveal it, and direct our hearts toward Jesus so that we can all pursue righteousness. 

Our most abundant blessings of peace and joy are found tucked right inside obedience. It's my responsibility to help my children fully grasp biblical character principles so they can walk through life reaping the beautiful benefits of living close to God. 

Over the years, I've tended toward yelling to achieve obedience (or the illusion of it anyway). I am also frequently lazier and more distracted than I like to admit. I hate those "repetitive sins" that we just never seem to get past. The backtalk, delayed obedience, general disrespect.. it seems like it's often 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. 

But the fact of the matter is that those steps forward happen when I am parenting THROUGH God's Word. This is true whether my child is a toddler or a teen. 

When I USE God's Word to correct a behavior, I'm inviting Jesus INTO the situation. 

In the middle of my child's sin, as my blood begins to boil, and I'm tempted toward sinful anger (because, AGAIN? Seriously?), I'm asking the LIVING WORD to be present in that moment.

When you use TRUTH to correct LIES, you are sandblasting away every scheme that was at play in the first place. You are clearing the clutter and speaking LIFE

When you speak God's Word into a sin-filled situation, you:

  • Reveal Truth

  • Encourage spirits

  • Send the enemy on his way

  • Bring peace out of chaos

  • Clear away all lies

  • Invite Jesus into the situation

  • Make way for repentance


All of that makes sense, right? BUT HOW? How, in the heat of the moment, when you are tired of your toddler running away from you when called, tired of arguing about a meal (that he JUST requested), and tired of smart responses from a sassy tween do you remember to USE God's Word? And for Pete's sake, how do you remember WHICH scripture to use in each situation? We need a cheat sheet, RIGHT? 

RIGHT. So, I made one! I created a free resource for us all! You will find 6 verses that tend to "cover over a multitude of sins" that many of us face daily- whether it's a back-talking teen or a temperamental two year old. Plus I've included 4 verses for building up and planting words of affirmation into their hearts as well (in case you struggle with that like I do).  For each of these verses, you will find one full-page printable (that's super pretty) that you can post in your home where everyone can see it. Also, for convenience, you'll find the 6 corrective scriptures and 4 affirming scriptures all on one page, too, with examples of opportunities to use each particular verse.  (Get the download below.)

I know how tired we can all be. I know how irritable too little sleep or too much stress can make us. I want to make bringing God's Word into these correction opportunities as easy for us as getting mad and yelling is. I want to make speaking LIFE easier.  For all of us, it does take self-discipline to commit these to memory over time and then use them in a Life-giving way to chase away these sins. It also takes the self-discipline of making sure we have enough margin in our lives that we aren't completely exhausted, stressed out, and overwhelmed all the time too. 

I hope you enjoy this tool. I SINCERELY pray that it will bless you and equips you in a practical way that you may continue shepherding your child's heart toward their Savior while you continue to grow in your relationship with Christ as well. Let me know if you like them!