Need the ULTIMATE Student Planner? (FREE 5 Page Editable PDF Download)

Is it time to get in gear for next year (or maybe just survive the end of this one)? Regardless of where you are right now, a well-constructed planner is always much-needed. So you can snag it now and save it for when the next school year is on your mind, or put it to use ASAP! Just like I mentioned in the FREE Planner Bundle for Mom, I had something in mind that I wanted dearly, but just could not find it. 

Looking for the PERFECT planner for your homeschool student? Need to plan assignments, track grades and attendance along with books read and goals for the year? This is the FREE planner for you!

I created this planner out of a desire to have ONE place to track all of the following in 5 pages (and I went all out! You get two versions... normal printable AND editable PDF all in one zip file!): 

  • Important Events + Reminders

  • Grades

  • Work Scheduled + Completed

  • Notes

  • Attendance

  • Week of School

  • Co-Op Week

  • Books Read (+ Review)

  • Memory Work for Year

  • Goals Planned

  • Brief End of Year Evaluation

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You can print enough of these pages for an entire school year and have them spiral bound or just print and use as needed. For the "memory work" page, you may only need one page to work on one new set of memory statements per term or you may need to print several of these because memory work is a big part of your homeschool. Use these in whatever way works for you!

I also created two pages of the main daily planner. One has an motivational statement going across the middle of it for your student to review and recite daily. OR you can get the version without it (editable to add your own, if you like). Whichever you prefer. 

The statement reads:

"Today, I will work diligently, even if I don't enjoy the work. I will use my time wisely. I will have gentle words and gentle ways. I will do my BEST work, even when I don't feel like it. I will serve as a peacemaker in our home. I will CHOOSE a happy heart and a happy attitude."

I also found some other incredible printables and added additional tabs to our big planner, using the following resources. Some portions were used more consistently than others, but it was great to have everything all spiral bound and located in one place. This definitely doubles as a portfolio for the year, depending on what you include. 

I included the following other resources:

We compiled those together, had tabs added, made a cute cover and spiral bound. Easy-peasy! I hope you enjoy!

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