How to Find God's Most Abundant Blessings

God knows that we're all just a smattering of random ingredients, and he has to grab hold of each part and work them all together for his glory (throwing and weeding out all the yuck). He's been working me together for years about a thing- a lesson he wanted to teach me. What the thing is doesn't matter. The mattering part is what he's teaching me through this one thing and how it applies to every single one of us, in every single circumstance, in every single season. 

God has abundant blessings in store for all of this. And this isn't prosperity gospel- I'm not talking about cash in the bank. I'm talking about LIFE- Abundantly. In every circumstance, every season, every trial, every triumph, God's best is just WAITING for us- here's how to grab hold.

Ready for this lesson?

When God tells you to do something, and you have NO IDEA how it could possibly happen- just do it anyway.

That may gather a resounding "DUH" from 98% of you, but hear me out. This lesson has begun saturating every facet of my life, and as I stopped wrestling with it and began resting in it, I've realized that being soaked through with this new knowledge brings me the fullest blessings that God has prepared for my life.

Whether you're selling a home, adopting a child, starting a business, moving across the earth, asking for healing or a financial miracle or restoration of broken relationships- WHATEVER it is, he will do it, according to his will (and we only want that anyway!).

Our most abounding blessings are found in our obedience to him. <---- Read that again because I've NEVER meant anything more. Our blessings are nestled inside of our obedience. That's where they are tucked away. That's where they abide.

We have to abide in obedience to lay our hands on them.

It seems that the place that God likes to show out MOST is the place he's been mostly showing you. While you may have a long laundry-list of prayers that seem unanswered- let's flip that perspective on it's head and ask:

What prayer has God been holding an answer for that you haven't prayed? What prayer has he been pointing you to and showering you with no matter where you look- that you just keep looking the other way? 

It reminds me of the nation of Israel being called out of Egypt into the promised land beginning in Exodus 4. Moses was tasked to go to Pharaoh again and again with the request to let his people go (Exodus 5:1). Again and again, he was met with big, fat solid NO answers from Pharaoh. All of those NOs brought even more pain just from the question being asked. Pharaoh lashed out each time and extended new levels of punishment just because the Israelites had asked for their freedom.

Sometimes the answers are harder to bear than bearing the weight of an unasked question. Sometimes we'd rather rest in the comfort of a uncomfortable present than risk an even more uncomfortable, unknown future.

There was so much hardness in Pharaoh, and the people thought Moses was BONKERS- "JUST STOP ASKING!" they said. "It's only getting WORSE!" The plagues- the terror- the uncertainty- it seemed that asking Pharaoh kept bringing tremendous burden upon burden rather than the freedom and blessing they were asking for- that they had risked everything for.

The persistent NO answers had to have been crushing. The punishment for asking an unjust king for justice had to be overwhelming. But GOD. God had a prayer for the people of Israel that they were too frightened and too weak and too lost to even ask for themselves. They were scared of the process, the roadblocks, the stretching and pain that came through all of the no answers that would precede the yes. So they never even ventured to ask Pharaoh for their own freedom. They were too afraid of the cost of asking... or even moreso- the uncertainty of a yes answer.

So they were content to live in captivity.

But Moses persisted, OBEYING GOD- being willing to ask the unfathomable and risk the rejection and pain out of obedience alone. Ultimately, all of the Pharaoh's NO was culminated into an abounding YES in God.

And for us- today- we always, always have a YES IN CHRIST (2 Corinthians 1:20).

So when God calls you to do something or TO something and you're thinking... "Nope. There's no way. I can't do that. It won't happen. Things (he/she) will never change. It's just impossible. I don't see a way, even for God...", remember this: 

The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it. 1 Thess 5:24

And oh my WORD- when he says do it and YOU DO IT- it is beyond comprehension. It is overwhelming. It is ASTOUNDING. God is a show out. He has prayers for you, for all of us, that he's directing you to. Ask him to help you see, then ask him for the courage to help you obey. He will move mountains. (And if you need a nudge with getting your prayer life organized and on-track, grab this free Guided Prayer Journal!)