Thanksgiving Unit Study for Your Elementary Students (HUGE FREEBIE!)

If it’s not apparent by all the fall/Thanksgiving posts on my blog (like this free packet, this printable calendar, and this act of kindness kit), I REALLY LOVE THE FALL SEASON. One of my favorite aspects of fall is obviously the weather. Living in central Alabama means that we deal with insufferable heat and humidity most of the year. We are very much a “2-season” state. Our fall and spring generally area about 2 weeks long, but OH how glorious they are!

Since our fall season is so short, we like to take full advantage and spend as many hours out of doors as possible. Even on 10 acres, my little ones can somehow manage to grow bored with the scenery. I find that a sure-fire way to keep them engaged with exploring nature is to start out by directing, guiding, or employing them in some way. Then, once their creative and observational skills are all fired up, they’re happy to engage with nature and explore on their own for hours at a time.

Thanksgiving and the fall season usher in fun activities, outside adventures, and family-focused memories that last a lifetime. You don't want to miss this Thanksgiving and Fall Unit Study! This is both a Preschool Thanksgiving Unit study AND an elementary Thanksgiving Unit Study. Your whole family can use this fall unit study together!

With my love of all things fall and Thanksgiving in mind and my desire to keep my kiddos busy exploring nature and bringing the outdoors inside into their school work, I developed this very relaxed, engaging, pretty and versatile unit study.

What all is included? I’m glad you asked!

  • Nature-Inspired Scavenger Hunts (3 separate hunts, with and without words)

  • Literature Selections for Preschool through High School (4 levels)

  • Counting Skills

  • Beginning Letter Sounds

  • Matching Games

  • Fine Motor Skills (lacing cards + scissor skills)

  • Copywork (Print + Cursive)

  • Poetry Copywork (or Memorization)

  • Adjective Practice

  • and more!

I think you’ll find that you will be able to keep most of your children very busy exploring the fall season and Thanksgiving with all that’s included.

This entire 64 page unit study is located in the shop for $6.99. HOWEVER, as a gift to you, I’ve decided to release a super-sized sample of 24 pages! Whether you utilize the free pages alone OR go all in and get the full unit, I think your family will enjoy the fun memories created exploring God’s creation and the written word this Thanksgiving season!

Choose which option you prefer below!

Or grab the 64 page full version today!

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