Episode 2: The Sanctification Found in Home Education

One of the most unanticipated, sometimes overwhelming, but always good aspects of educating our children at home can be the amount of sin we constantly confront- not just in our children- but in ourselves. Pride, comparison, laziness, anger... it can all crop up in ways we would never imagine when big sinners spend day-in and day-out educating their little sinners. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), our children often develop into little mirrors of our own iniquity. 

Join Hayley and Erin in a frank (mildly wandering) exploration into the many sins that homeschool moms confront in themselves on a daily basis along with the importance of habits and daily seeking the throne room of Grace for walking the long, challenging road toward  Christlike holiness. 

Books mentioned in this episode:

Does homeschool seem a little more challenging to your own spiritual development than you thought it would be? It can be so challenging to be face to face with our own sin so often, as it is mirrored back in our children. This podcast episode is a frank and lighthearted chat between two homeschool moms who are walking through these trials and learning opportunities themselves.

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