First Episode! Exploring Tapestry of Grace for High School

Hayley and I are diving right into the meaty, scary topic of homeschooling high school! In this inaugural episode of Homeschooling with Grace, I have a slew of questions for how Hayley is utilizing Tapestry of Grace in her homeschool with her high school Sophomore and 6th grader, along with her future plans for ToG, how she organizes her year, and how she overcame her own objections to stepping into this often daunting curriculum. I’ll also share my insights as a first time user of ToG with a high school freshman.

This first episode is a big one (almost an hour long!). We recommend that you download it and listen in bites. We hope you’ll enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of our talk, ignore our kids in the background, and be blessed by Hayley’s wisdom and experience!

Let’s get to it!

Show Notes + Sections:

  • Introduction

  • 0:33 Who is Hayley?

  • 1:10 Hayley’s Homeschool Philosophy and Background

  • 3:10 Finding Tapestry of Grace and taking the leap!

  • 4:10 What made ToG so appealing to you?

  • 7:00 Including secular reading in your homeschool

  • 8:45 Choosing where to begin (year)

  • 11:30 Choosing where to begin (level: Rhetoric vs Dialectic)

  • 16:00 Encouragement when you have a freshman in rhetoric

  • 18:00 Annual Planning Process

  • 21:00 Mitigating expenses

  • 22:30 Using Bookshelf Central

  • 23:00 Book buying hack

  • 23:35 Grades

  • 25:00 Field Trips

  • 26:00 Overcoming overwhelm and objections

  • 29:40 The beauty of the teacher notes

  • 31:44 Planning and prep on a weekly basis

  • 33:40 Tackling the long rhetoric discussions

  • 34:15 Mom’s weekly reading and using the teacher notes

  • 35:42 Delightful surprises from using ToG: discernment and connection

  • 38:50 What to do when your child is struggling with the discussions

  • 41:40 Having that amazing “ah-ha” moment as a Classical educator

  • 42:15 Focusing on the dialectic stage and using it as a family long-term

  • 43:30 Using ToG with a child who isn’t a strong (or happy) reader

  • 47:00 Using ToG with young children

  • 48:00 Large age gap in the family/beauty of the Tapestry

  • 50:50 Closing Thoughts/ Getting off the fence

  • 51:45 Spirit-Led Homeschooling

Listen to two average homeschool mamas chat about their love and usage of Tapestry of Grace, especially for their high school students. We chat about planning, implement, and making the decision to choose Tapestry of Grace for our families.


Here is a “Simple Start Guide” straight from Tapestry of Grace: Click Here

Evaluations and grading help from Tapestry of Grace

Contact Hayley for help!