Homeschool Preschool Resources

If you're choosing to spend to quality time with you little one, enriching their little minds every day with sensory activities, wonderful books, fun field trips, and creative projects- AWESOME JOB, Mama! Also, if you just completely chill and make it through the day with your kids- AWESOME JOB, Mama! (I waiver wildly between these two camps myself!).

The first few years of a child's life is RIPE with opportunity to planting seeds of knowledge that they will reap benefit from for years to come. Their little minds are like sponges, so we can actually help our future selves with the education of our children by pouring into them right now. But this doesn't have to be overwhelming or become a full-time job! I promise!

Oftentimes, as Mamas to littles, we feel like we ought to be doing "something" with our children, but we aren't sure what. Maybe you're not very crafty and hates mess (HELLO! RASING HAND!) but feel like that's what you SHOULD be doing. Or perhaps you love a good, glittery craft, but aren't sure what you should be foucsing on and when? Maybe you aren't quite sure what to expect of your preschooler, either. It can all be confusing when you start looking at curriculum and checklists, etc. 

As a Mama to 4 with two little ones 2 and under right now, I completely understand feeling uncertain. We want to do our best for these babies that have been entrusted to us- but we can be unsure of where to start. I wanted to create one page with helpful resources for the Preschool Homeschool Mom! This is for you even if you intend to send them to school later. My goal is that these various resources would be helpful regardless of your future educational plans or you current educational philosophy (and regardless of whether you even HAVE an educational philosophy or not!). I hope you find these various printables and articles helpful.

Blessings sweet, Mama!