Point to some lovely flower or gracious tree, not only as a beautiful work but as a beautiful thought of God.
— Charlotte Mason (Volume 1, Page 80)
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Implementing a blend of Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophies with classical education techniques and the Montessori method IS possible without feeling overwhelmed or like you’re cutting corners! If you love pieces of all three of these philosophies and want to implement them in your homeschool, this Gentle + Classical program is perfect for you.

This detailed program takes Charlotte Mason’s “Formidable List of Attainments for a Child of 6” and implements them in an rhythmic, organic way, blending them gently with memorization and natural, child-led activities. Through the study of nature and an in-depth exploration of God’s creation, your child will grow in knowledge, skill, good habits, and reverence.

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In the full 36 Unit, 3 Term Gentle + Classical Nature, your child will explore and be trained in:

  • Memorization (at 3 Levels)

  • Poetry

  • Nature Study

  • Habits of attentiveness, patience, and observation

  • Beginning French + Spanish terms

  • Living Books

  • Recitation

  • Nature Journaling and Collection

  • Geography

  • Conservation

  • Habitats and Ecosystems

  • Botany and Zoology

  • Handicrafts

  • Bird Watching

  • 3 Term Projects

  • Copywork

What is covered in Gentle + Classical Nature?

The full 3-Term program is comprised of 36 units of instruction. Each term includes 12 units. Below is what is included in each term.

Term 1: Inland Waterways + Forests (NOW Available!)

  • amphibians

  • freshwater fish

  • aquatic arthropods

  • waterbirds (freshwater)

  • freshwater mammals/conservation

  • reptiles

  • inland birds

  • forest animals (temperate)

  • butterflies

  • bees

  • arachnids

  • worms/decomposition

Term 2: Coastal Forests + Oceans (fall 2019!)

  • fungi/mushrooms

  • mosses/lichen

  • ferns

  • tree anatomy

  • evergreen trees

  • deciduous trees

  • coastal birds

  • ocean arthropods

  • saltwater fish

  • large ocean predators

  • marine mammals

  • polar animals

Term 3: Down on the Farm and Around the World (Winter 2019)

  • seed germination

  • flower anatomy

  • fruit

  • vegetables

  • garden insects

  • seasons on the farm

  • our home geography

  • farm animals

  • savanna animals

  • Australian animals

  • desert animals

  • rainforest animals

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Common Questions: (Find the FULL FAQ HERE)

Is this a stand-alone program or can it be used (or should it be used) with any additional programs?

This program is a thorough and complete science and nature study program, perfectly fitted for ages 4 up to 2nd grade. The 3 levels of included memory statements and 2 levels of literature suggestions makes it an excellent fit for preschool through approximately age 8. An expansion pack that is forthcoming (April 2019) will add additional literature, copywork, projects, poetry, and more for children through 6th grade so that your whole family, middle school and below, can utilize this program together!

This program has been created to complement Gentle + Classical Preschool Level 2 (late summer 2019; you can look at Gentle + Classical Preschool Level 1 here), but both are completely stand alone programs. Taken as a whole, they create a complete Pre-K through 2nd Grade education (just add your own phonics and math programs based upon your child’s readiness).

What will come in the future for Gentle + Classical Press programs?

Gentle + Classical Nature: Term 1 is the beginning of several projects on the docket for the Gentle + Classical Press in 2019. Following the release of Term 1, I will shift my attention to writing Gentle + Classical Preschool, Level 2 (ages 4-2nd grade) as a complementary companion to Gentle + Classical Nature. Once completed and released, I will turn my attention back to Terms 2 and 3 of Gentle + Classical Nature. Lord willing, they will all be finalized and released before the end of 2019. Make sure to subscribe and follow on Instagram for updates!

Do I need to wait until all 3 terms are ready to be able to use it?

No. I fully believe that the first 12 units of Gentle + Classical Nature: Term 1 are SO robust and thorough that each unit can easily fill 2 weeks of science and nature study coursework in your home. I’ve included sample schedules that outline a 3-day, 5-day, and 2-week schedule of use inside the program. You have plenty of margin in the current program (even if you school through the summer), until Terms 2 and 3 release later this year. While Gentle + Classical Nature and Gentle + Classical Preschool Level 2 COMPLIMENT each other, they need not be started at exactly the same time or “aligned.” They complement one another but are wholly independent.

Is this curriculum from a specific worldview? 

Yes! This curriculum is unabashedly Christian. I come from a non-denominational, protestant background and thusly the program does as well. To learn more about my faith, visit my About Me page. 

How do I know when my child is ready to use it? 

As Mamas, a whole lot of life is a guessing game.... more than we would like to admit! My best advice here is that as soon as your child has the ability to repeat short statements after you and follow guided instruction, then he is ready for this program (age 4 for most children). In the program itself, I give specific instructions and advice on choosing the right level for your child and guiding them through the PROCESS of attaining the skills set forth. This process will be different for EACH child and the program is designed to accommodate that.

To ask me a question that you did not find an answer to in the FAQ, contact me here.

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