A Prayer for Less of Me

This morning as I sat down to my daily prayer and Bible study time, I felt my heart searching. I was thinking a thousand different thoughts and without prompting, 2 little words came to mind: 

Open me

So, I prayed it: 

Lord, Open my eyes to the least of these in this world. Never let me turn a blind eye to their needs because I have wants. Open my eyes to my children, my husband, my friends... their wants and needs and those moments that are so brief. Give me eyes to capture and cherish all these fleeting blinks-of-an-eye that brush by.

Open my heart, at all times and in all situations, to all of those around me who need love. To my husband, to my children, to the stranger down the street- open my heart so that I'm always willing and able to do as Jesus would. Open my heart so that I seep with your grace and mercy. Help the words that fill my mind travel deep within my heart so that they would change who I am.

Make a soft, merciful heart be my FIRST response.

Open my hands, Lord. Rid me of the desire to count what I have and hold onto it so tight it chokes. Open my hands so that I can let it all go... so that only what you want to give me is what remains. 

Open my mind... fill me from the top of the head to the depths of my soul with your word. Help me to lock it up inside me until I bleed it through. Open my mind to your truths and glory and mercy ALONE so that they are all that dwell within my thoughts. Open my mind to looking outside my normal, to the rest of the world, that so desperately needs you.

At that moment, I knew that this prayer was life-changing. And that so often I had prayed bits and pieces of it before... in many other, numerous words... but never so simply. Open Me. Crack me open and let ME pour out. Rid me of ME and fill me with YOU Lord. 

Today as the peace of that moment slowly faded and the full day set in, I found myself short-tempered and grumpy... ready for the day to be DONE. As the day came to a close, and I struggled with too much of ME, my husband and I prayed together for the first time.

We held hands and silently entered into the presence of our Father God- asking Him to anoint our lives, our children, our love with His unfathomable grace, mercy and blessings. In that moment, He answered my simple prayer.

As we lay down to sleep, a verse came to my mind. Isaiah 56:7. I've been reading Isaiah a lot lately. I had apparently even instagrammed this scripture within the past week because I found it beautiful... but had no idea specifically which one it was {I suffer from scriptural amnesia}. So, out of the bed I came to find out what it says. 

I will bring them to my holy mountain of Jerusalem and will fill them with joy in my house of prayer.

I had underlined the entire thing already, last week... double underlining "JOY" and "my HOUSE of PRAYER". Looking back now I can't remember why that stood out to me so well. I think I was relating it to the preceding verse about keeping the Sabbath...

little did I know God was helping me to leave a love note to myself, for this very moment.

For the moment when my home became a house of prayer... for the moment that filled me with greater joy than I'd ever known. Open me. It's so simple, yet so filled with meaning and overflowing with potential and expectation {as we are called to pray expectantly}.

Are you closed off or wound up? Are you ready to overflow with His abundance in your life? Are you READY for open hands, open heart, open eyes and an open mind? 

Pray it. Two simple words, and He will know your heart.

Open me, Lord

Join me?