SECOND Day of School

Sweet babies! Technically we started 1st and 4th in January and will likely move (maybe?) to 2nd and 5th in the second semester again, but I thought we'd go with where they are for their ages :-)

I can't really say enough about the essential oils we tried this week! Kali woke up with a 100 degree fever, and it went back and forth all day yesterday (going away with oil application). She went to bed last night with Thieves diffusing in the room and woke up in excellent spirit and health. We've never had a virus or infection come and go so quickly! We treated her pain with Panaway and by massaging lavender on her temples... no headache. We were able to stay away from all medications completely which makes me one happy mama!!!

Now, to school for the day! Since she was all better this morning, we commenced with our regular Tuesday schedule. Well, regular until all activities begin. Tuesday will be a heavy day for Kali activity-wise. She will participate in Homeschool PE from 1-2:30, then gymnastics at 4 and tumbling at 5:30 (Isabella gets in on the action on this last one). We are doing such heavy schedule because I believe that she is so active and kinesthetic that the more I wear her out (physically) the more of her attention I will have when it's required. Fortunately, we have a couple of weeks to get our morning routine established before our afternoon schedule gets loaded ;-)

Had to be p.e.r.f.e.c.t.

I had the girls write their name and their grade on their dry-erase boards for their pictures. They were so cute!!! Kali was being soooo careful... she wanted it to be her BEST handwriting!

Speaking of her desire to write well... she was awesome all day! I fervently pray that every day be just like this one. She ended up on yellow for fussing with her sister too much and knocking my memory work board over (3 times :-/ because she wouldn't listen and stop touching it lol) BUT her effort and attention in her school work was EXCELLENT! We worked in 30 minute intervals with a break for her in between subjects. She listened, asked questions, answered and had a mostly decent attitude 95% of the time. That's a VAST improvement over the Spring. Her reading has also accelerated by LEAPS and bounds! The books that she was still sounding EVERY SINGLE LETTER out on 6 weeks ago (The cat sat on Sam was Ttthhheee caaatttt saaaattt, saaatttt, SAT on SSSAAAAMMMM, SAM) came out of her mouth FLUENTLY! Not because she memorized this particular one (because she hadn't read this book before) but because it is starting to click. I am aware every day won't be like today, but I'm expectantly hopeful :-)

I think she looks 5 years older than just a year ago :-(

My BABYYYY... who will be SEVEN in a month!