A verse to ponder... {The GRACE in Not Enough}

I haven't done a "verse to ponder" in quite a while... I go through phases with this little blog of mine. At times I'm focused on the spiritual aspects of life, at other times organization or homeschool and then sometimes alternative medicines and healing. I guess you can call this a "one-stop-shop" though definitely not consistently :-)
Anywho, back to the topic at hand! In my morning Bible study (which I cannot recommend highly ENOUGH!!!), I am reading through 2 Corinthians. In Chapter 9, Paul is discussing the topic of giving, continued from Chapter 8. I really love how he ends the chapter by saying:

As a result of your ministry, they will give glory to God. For your generosity to them and to all believers will prove that you are obedient to the Good News of Christ. And they will pray for you with deep affection because of the overflowing grace God has given you. Thank God for THIS GIFT too wonderful for words! 2 Cor 9:13-15

Of course, we all know and have heard a million times that God loves a cheerful giver! I have no doubt about that and my thoughts on this aren't directed toward IF we should give, HOW MUCH, HOW OFTEN, etc. That is between your bank account and the Holy Spirit.

This is more about WHY we should give. Not just because the Bible tells us so, but because the giving away of much is the proof that is grace is hidden in the not enough.

THIS GIFT that Paul speaks of (in my eyes) is not the actual physical, monetary gift, but the gift in sharing in the cycle of giving. What Paul describes is that when the Corinthians are generous, then the recipients will give Glory to God and praise Him for this gift and thusly pray for the Corinthians to be blessed because of their giving. Then God will continue to bless the Corinthians because of their generosity with what He has blessed them with and the cycle will continue.

Blessings --> Giving  ---> Glory  --> Prayer --> More Blessings --> More Giving--> More Glory....

If we all had ENOUGH all the time, we wouldn't NEED each other. We are the living, breathing body of our God. The ear needs the eye, needs the hand, needs the heart, etc. If we could all function independently of one another, then we wouldn't NEED to give, we wouldn't need to bless, we wouldn't give HIM GLORY.

The glory is given when the Giver isn't "fair". He doesn't fairly distribute to all of His children in this world because that wouldn't truly point back to Him. If we all never wanted or needed for anything, we would never look beyond our perfectly contented, fulfilled lives. We wouldn't look up, we wouldn't look at others. But he created us to NEED. We need food, shelter, clothing, LOVE, support, interaction, family. He created us in His image to crave Him, just like He craves us- our praise, glory and acknowledgement of His perfect nature and love.

We see Him, touch Him, breath Him in when we give to others-- food, clothing, shelter, love, support, interaction. He is the Great Provider but He uses US to provide for others so that it all points back to HIM.

The "not enough" is so filled up with grace that it pours over... because when we pour over it points to Him.


His infinite wisdom gives to some and not to others so that we can LOVE one another and show the world what it's like to see Jesus in action. God could perform miracles that are so obvious everyone would "know he's real" (as if it's not already obvious... sheesh) but that would leave us out of it. That would make us devoid of our relationship with each other. The eye needs the ear that needs the hand that needs the heart.

There is beautiful, unbounded grace is not having enough and not being enough. It creates a need for COMMUNITY because our God created us to commune. And ultimately, we are created to point BACK TO HIM through our love, actions and giving.

So, yes... in the words of Paul- "this GIFT is too wonderful for words!"
We humans keep brainstorming options and plans, but God's purpose prevails. Prov 19:21 
We may make all kinds of plans for our days, lives, children's lives, finances, etc but ultimately HIS PURPOSE for those gifts will be what prevails. And thank the LORD for that, because HIS PURPOSE is always so much higher and more perfect than my measly plans!

Blessings sweet friends!!!