Never folding laundry again {Dis-Organization}

So, I'm going to preface this little project by saying that if you LOVE doing laundry and you are ALL about matching socks and folding undies... and if the sight of a large pile of laundry makes you physically uneasy, you might want to walk away... now. Consider yourselves warned :-)

Laundry is the BANE of my existence. I absolutely detest it, and it sucks the life out of me. I don't *love* dishes or mopping or any of those loverly household chores that a stay-at-home mom like myself must do... but I don't HATE those things either, most days. However, I truly hate laundry. It's not the washing or drying- those are very passive activities. I'm not a big sorter but just avoid buying red in general so I don't have much issue there. However, once those clothes come out of the dryer (after having been washed, then rewashed 2-3 times because I forget to move them INTO the dryer for a couple of days) they end up in a pile or basket at the foot of my bed. THEN they get dumped out and moved around while we hunt for THAT shirt or pair of pants we want to wear. 

I'll be the first to admit that my hardworking husband should not have to HUNT through laundry to find his underwear. AND he should not HAVE to wash his own clothes to make sure he has clean ones. But, alas, I am not perfect. He knew the deal when he married me... he had plenty of opportunities to change his mind. So, stuck he is with a wife who couldn't care less about whether anyone has clothing to wear. If I need a towel or some undies, I'll throw a load on, but I'm not concerned with anyone else's laundry. We all are capable of loading the washing machine in this house :-)

We will focus on the positive and say that I am incredibly loving and devoted to him, I am his full-time-always-on-call secretary who also homeschools his beautiful daughters, keeps herself in relatively decent shape (as of lately) and tries pretty hard on a daily basis to make sure he knows he is loved and appreciated. I also can cook pretty well, though I go through phases of I-hate-cooking-because-I'm-sick-of-dishes. I'm in one of those phases right now. I could probably watch food network all day tomorrow and get inspired to go all Giada, but hey, one project at a time.

Back to the topic at hand- Though I go through phases with cooking, I never go through phases with laundry. So, I've given in. Let's not live in fairy tale land and *PRETEND* for even one moment that I CARE about laundry. That those 6 loads of laundry piled up on the foot of my bed actually keep me up at night, because they don't. Their presence bothers me only because I don't like clutter. I don't mind dirty dishes as long as the counter tops aren't cluttered and I don't mind piled up laundry as long as it's out of sight. Currently, it has not been out of sight. 

And, I may very well get hate mail from my own mother and aunts who are rolling around on the floor  in anguish and disgust at this very moment about how they raised me much better than this. That I grew up in VERY clean homes where laundry was promptly washed, dried and put away. The women in my family will run the wash with THREE items just so there are NO dirty clothes. #ImNotKidding  I apologize to all of you for having let you down in this way. However, I'm not too badly messed up otherwise, so let's just let this one go :-)

Now, to the project. So I wanted an ORGANIZED way (and I completely realize how ridiculous that sounds) of putting our clothes away without having to actually fold or hang them up. To get completely REAL, 95% of the time, we end up scouring through our hampers to find what we are going to wear that day. So, would there be no REAL detriment to our current quality of life if I just embrace my weakness and go with it. ADAPTATION. We humans are great at that :-)


You'll notice (or may not) that my husband has twice as many clothes as I do. He has hoarding issues ;-). I recently gave away 75% of my clothes (think Seven by Jen Hatmaker). I purchased about 5 new items since to flesh out my spring wardrobe. I could get rid of half of what's left if I NEVER worked. However, I do work with my hubby about 2 months out of the year, so I still need a semi-full professional wardrobe. 

What I did: I moved all of my hubbies hangables (dress shirts, suits, winter coats and shirts along with khakis and polos) to the bottom rung, clearing out a nice shelf for hampers. I moved all of my stuff to the end hanger to leave a nice open area for 2 large bins (I will continue to hang dresses and work clothes, along with winter stuff). I purchased a belt/tie hanger for all his 999 belts and ties (though I ended up with 2 very large bags of his clothes to give away... shhhhh). I added an extra hamper on the ground for all our undies and socks. 

Drum roll please...

To test this out, I pulled my 5 hampers of clothing into the closet. Now there's so much space I can bring the laundry baskets directly in there and sort there. No more landing station at the foot of my bed! It took me 5 minutes to do those 5 hampers of clothes. #Ikidyounot 

I tossed undies and socks in that basket, all his t-shirts into that basket, all his shorts into the correct basket, all my tops in a basket, hung my tanks on the back of the door (along with my bras), and all my bottoms into a basket. I hung up 2 dresses and 2 polos. I folded 5 towels and sat them out into our bathroom. DONE. 5 minutes for 5 loads. BAMMMMMM.

What about wrinkles you ask? Well, our clothes area always already wrinkled because they stay piled in hampers 95% of the time anyway. They also may live in the dryer for 2-3 days before they make it into the hamper. We keep a supply of water in a spray bottle at the dryer... spritz, spritz, 10 min in the dryer. BAM, wrinkle-free!

What about my children you ask? Well, they do their own laundry. In their mommy's footsteps, they have about 2 loads dirty between the 2 of them... at all times. They wait until their closets are empty before they wash. I can't say anything. They can figure it out for themselves. Either having their closets and drawers fully stocked with clean clothes all the time will be important to them, OR it won't. I'm good either way. I'm trying to break out of the Martha-mentality and focus on the things in life that REALLY matter. Laundry is NOT one of those things. 

So, my friends, I am doing a victory cheer. My bedroom is laundry free. I can WALK into my master closet without doing a sideways shimmy, and we all have a general idea of where each of our clothing pieces are. Do we have to dig for the shirt we want? Sure... but only through OTHER shirts, not through towels and sheets and children's underwear. And THAT is in a win in this girl's book.